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Definitive Guide on Adsense Mobile Optimization Tips 2018.

Here is an Definitive guide on Adsense mobile optimization. If are are looking how to optimize Adsense for mobile devices this will help you. Check out Google’s official blog for news, tips and information on AdSense.Adsense ad placements for mobile users, Adsense Mobile Optimization

Adsense mobile optimization Tips 2018:

Here we have listed 3 Adsense Mobile Optimization tips 2018. Which are pro tips for Best Adsense Ad placements for Mobile Devices. Check out complete details below.

Adsense Tip No 1:

A large mobile banner at the top of the page earns the most money on your site. The highest producing location was below the title of a post and above the first paragraph. It’s important to know that  AdSense amended their policy on ads above the fold on mobile devices. Now you can no longer use the 300×250 ad above the fold on mobile.

Adsense Tip No 2:

Hide the sidebar ads in tablets and mobile devices. The sidebar is going to be pushed down to the bottom of the post when it is viewed in mobile. Most premium WordPress themes will allow you to turn off ad spots in the sidebar. This will allow you to drop in an additional AdSense ad into the post to get maximum monetization from mobile.

Adsense Tip No 3:

The best ad grouping was top, middle, and bottom Out of all the mobile ad groupings. This one easily produced the most revenue for you. The grouping was made up of one 320×100 ad and two 250×250 ads. The first ad was below the title and above the first paragraph. The second ad was placed after the 6th paragraph of the post.

The final ad was placed at the end of the post. We have applied AdSense optimization strategies and got 300%  overall revenue increase.  If you are making $500/month or $5000/month, a 300% increase can make a huge impact on your yearly earnings.

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