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What is alexa ranking how to optimize it?


How can we improve Alexa Ranking? First we must know how important this alexa rank is for your website. Advertisers like adsense, investors and partners will look up your Alexa Rank and use it as a way to estimate the value of your website. For this reason we must improve our rank, this can make more attention to our webite.

alexa rankingIf you are not focused on alexa ranking, you can nat maximize the value and visibility of your website.

Note:  the authority of your site on the web is translated as your Alexa Rank.

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Before we try improve website’s Alexa Rank, we have to understand the makeup of Alexa Rank, so we will understand how can we make it better.

Let’s get started:

What is alexa ranking? And how to  optimize it?

Alexa is an amazon based company, who provides commercial web traffic data?

It ranks webiste gobally and locally, based on different factors.

How Alexa works: alexa mesure the rank of the website based on the amount of traffic the passes through its system (Eg: Alexa browser tolbar)

It only records the traffic from users that have alexa toolbar installed on their browser and ignore the rest.

What is alexa tool bar: it is a browser addon or extension it display the rank of the website we visited.

It also sends user data like ip, visited page etc to is server. Thats how they collect data from us.

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Importance of alexa ranking:

It only record the traffic that passes via its system (eg: alexa toolbar)

Only people like bloggers, webmasters, SEO experts and internet marketers installs alexa toolbar.

Suppose your website gets 10000 visitors daily, but only 10% 1000 have alexa toolbar, so its only consider 10% and ignore rest 90%,  so very less audience we get from alexa.

But Advertisers considers alexa rank,  so a good alexa rank can get you Higher pay.

Alexa Optimization Tips:

First download and install the alexa tool bar and surf your website.

Write content related to SEO, blogging, Web and promote it on webmaster groups and forums. It will help you get more audience who have alexa toolbar installed.

Write articles related to alexa. This way you can get more links to your pages that will improve alexa.

Ask your friends to install alexa toolbar and regularly visit your website.

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