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Android Tips and Tricks for Best Smartphone Experience


Android Apps, Android Tips and TricksSmartphone invention is one of the biggest achievement of the world of technology. apps are the default way of interacting with smartphones. There are some Android tips and tricks to manage apps for the best smartphone experienceHowever, the apps we use can affect the entire smartphone experience.

Apps with malicious codes can infiltrate your smartphone with malware and ransomware. Poorly optimized apps can drain your smartphone battery and resources. Apps asking for too much access to your smartphone can violate the privacy.

Here are 4 simple Android tips and tricks for the best smartphone experience.

1. Remove unused apps

Manage Android Apps, Android Tips and Tricks

If you have ended up downloading too many apps and could not able to decide which app to remove and which to keep, with some android tips and tricks you can use this feature in Google Play store to better consideration. In the My Apps and Games section of the Play Store, the installed apps can now be shown in four different categories— Alphabetical, Lasst Updated, Size and Last Used. It is the Last Used option, which shows your most used to least used apps in a vertical scroll. The apps at the bottom of the list are those that you have not used in several days and weeks. This feature can help you determine which app you are actually using and which ones are just spoiling your phone’s memory.

2. Manage app permissions

Manage Android Apps, Android Tips and Tricks

While installing an app on your smartphone, it will ask for permission to access other Android apps and features on the smartphone which can help them work better. In some cases, app developers are simply trying to gather hardware info and data on the smartphone so they could sell it. While it is not a security risk, but it is a major privacy concern. Android smartphones running Android Marshmallow and later versions allow users to customize app permissions manually. So if you don’t want an app to access your phone contacts or messages or any other personal information, with these android tips and tricks you can stop them from doing so in Settings-> Apps->App Permissions.

3. Limit data usage in apps

Manage Android Apps, Android Tips and TricksMost networks enabled apps are designed to run in the background. So even if they are not open, the user can end up incurring a significant amount of data on data syncs and page refreshes. You can check an app’s data consumption pattern in smartphone Settings->Apps->Data Usage. Here you can see the most data-intensive apps on top with the exact amount of data used by them in a month. However, you can manage Android apps and prevent them from running background processes when on mobile data by disabling background data on mobile networks in the same page in Settings.

4. Customize app notifications

Manage Android Apps, Android Tips and TricksEvery time an app sends a notification on your smartphone, the screen lights up, a short tune is played and the phone vibrates a little. All these are designed to ensure you won’t miss out on any of the important Facebook posts, WhatsApp message or news updates. While useful, these notifications can drain your smartphone’s battery very fast. Android smartphones running Android Nougat allow users to manually restrict notifications for all apps. Users can decide which apps will show notifications silently.

Above mentioned Android tips and tricks will help you to manage Android apps well for the best smartphone experience.

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