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Andy Rubin created Android and taking on iPhone

Android is most using Smartphone OS these days. According to statistics, more than 80% of mobile phones in the world running Android.

Andy Rubin, the man who created Android, after a decade sold it to Google in 2005. Rubin became the company’s Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content until March 2013, where he oversaw development of Android, an open-source operating system for smartphones. Rubin has seventeen patents for his inventions.

His recent tweets with a sneak peek at the upcoming phone from his new company, Essential. In the super vague post, Rubin, who left Google several years ago, wrote he was “eager to get it in more people’s hands.” We have to assume he’s talking about the phone someone’s holding in the picture.

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All we can see of the phone is the top right corner where it shows the time and a few icons.

In a Bloomberg profile of Essential from January, the new smartphone was described as a “high-end smartphone with a large edge-to-edge screen that lacks a surrounding bezel.” Looks like that bezel-less and big screen concept will be reality, based on the photographic evidence.

The Essential phone is intended to rival Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Pixel.

Hope, Andy Rubin can work his magic again.

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