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Best CDN Service Providers. And Benefits of CDN Servers [Advanced].

These Best CDN Service Providers offers free plans and most helpful for WordPress Websites.


Your website is hosted on a server and the server is located in a specific place. Let’s assume it is located in Singapore, so when a user will open the website from Singapore or Malaysia, the server response will be blazing fast. But the problem comes when the user is located very far away from the server location. That’s where free CDN server comes handy. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the best way to speed up your website throughout the world. Check Best CDN Service providers list. Also, read Best SEO techniques.

How Does Content Delivery Network (CDN) work?

A CDN uses dozens of data centre worldwide and they host all of the static files like images, video, CSS, and Javascript files, and serve the files to visitors from the closest location to them. This can significantly increase your website page loading speed.

Free CDN, Content-Delivery-Network, Best CDN Service

These CDN’s are most effective to increase a website’s page loading speed, while they are expensive for some webmasters (website owners) and businesses. So, I have selected few best open source content delivery network (free CDN servers) to choose from. Check out them.

Here are The Best CDN Service provides for Websites:

Cloudflare (The Best CDN Service):

Cloudflare is one of the best CDN service which has a free plan in the world. Cloudflare has 30 data centres all over the world. You can use the Cloudflare CDN for free of cost.

Free CDN Server, Free DDoS Protection for Website


And if you are using a WordPress website than the plugin of Cloudflare make it easy to integrate CDN with your Website. Also, Cloudflare free version gives free DDoS protection and a free shared SSL certificate.


jsDelivr is a free open source CDN server that hosts JavaScript files. jsDeliver is the best CDN for WordPress sites.

Free CDN, Content-Delivery-Network

A WordPress uses a lot of JavaScript files and jsdeliver helps in hosting them which results in a fast loading website. Jsdeliver has a free WordPress plugin for better Integration.


CoralCDN is a peer-to-peer (P2P) based content delivery network which is free of cost. P2P networks use billions of computers connected throughout the world which makes CoralCDN free. According to CoralCDN, Static content is served by CoralCDN’s servers by simply appending ‘’ to the element’s URL.

CoralCDN also has a free plugin for WordPress. CoralCDN is a project from MIT


Incapsula is a very popular DDoS CDN. Incapsula is very similar to Cloudflare in terms of features. They route all of the website data through their data centres located worldwide. They have also a Real-time threat protection to protect.

Other features of Incapsula: Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover.


Photon is a free CDN server, by Jetpack. This CDN only works for images. You can use this CDN by downloading jetpack and activating photon from the menu.

Free CDN, Content-Delivery-Network

By using this plugin you can also save some bandwidth on your web host. Jetpack is only available for Self-hosted WordPress websites.


SwarmCDN is a new player in the Industry. This CDN offers you a 10GB free transfer limit for Images. It is a Peer to peer CDN. Swarmify is available in 196 countries

Content Delivery Network (free CDN) services and Benefits of CDN’s?

After reading our best free CDN services list, here are the pro tips that will help you in why we use CDN services?. And 5 benefits of CDN servers.

1. Browser load simultaneously more elements of a website.

When anyone opens a website in a browser, the browser downloads all the files and data but with a limit of 4 concurrent downloads. The 5th download is blocked which create long loading time.

CDN files are hosted on a different domain. CDN permits the browser to download an extra for download.

2. Decrease the load on your server.

Using a CDN means reducing the bandwidth of your server. It helps in boosting performance and also saves money.

 3. High Capacity servers.

If you are using a Good and reputed CDN then your static files are in a high capacity infrastructure. Cloudflare, Amazon, and maxCDN use very high capacity servers which are much better than your web host servers.

4. Free DDoS Protection for Websites.
5. Website Security With Shared SSL Certificates.

Conclusion on free CDN services:

These are the best free Content Delivery Networks (CDN), providers. Cloudflare placed 1st in free CDN services list. Incapsula is also an emerging player and definitely worth a shot if you are looking for free CDN providers.

Jsdelivr is on other hand is an open source and completely free CDN. Targeting only JavaScript files, you use jsdeliver with other CDN provider like Cloudflare. Open source project always gives best features free of Cost and that’s where Coral CDN comes in. An MIT project, this free CDN use a different concept than all other CDN on this list, and it actually works.

If you ask me, I recommend you to use Cloudflare and to increase the speed further you can host your image on some other Image hosting websites like Flickr. Also, read our latest article on ‘how to do SEO in 2018 and latest SEO trends to dominate SERPs’.

If you have any suggestions for best and free CDN Services? then ask it o the comment section and we encourage you to share this post on your social profile. Please do like and follow us on social media for latest updates.

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  2. Ramiz Syed says

    Hello Admin,
    Good information at one place, i suggest to use CloudFlare with Jetpack Photon, it’s my own experience you will get amazing speed.
    as CloudFlare will not allow to host image on free version.
    see my site with both combination.

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