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Best Popup Blockers for Web Browsers [2017].

Are you annoyed with a lot of popups when you are seriously browsing the internet? These popups are very irritating when you searching for a particular topic on the internet. Sometimes these pop up’s will run harmful scripts and codes on your computers. Here are the Best Popup Blockers for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers.

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Best Popup Blockers for Chrome web browser:

Default Popup blockers cannot perform well by blocking annoying pop up’s. We need to install 3rd party pop-up blockers on our computers. Here is the best pop-up blockers list.

1. Popup blocker for Chrome™ – Poper Blocker:

Popup blocker for chrome is developed by Poperblocker. And this is the best pop-up blocker for chrome. It has advanced algorithm to identify and block each pop up on your computer. This is the most efficient pop-up blocker for streaming sites, torrent sites, and all other sites.

  • Poper Blocker is the best popup blocker for Google Chrome – TechRadar.

2. JavaScript Popup Blocker:

JavaScript Popup blocker is the simple and powerful popup blocker offered by Adelsaoud which is available for Chrome. The JavaScript Popup Blocker works more efficient when compared to default chrome popup blocker.

JustBlock Security
JustBlock Security
Price: Free

You can use JavaScript Popup Blocker in 2 modes:

  • Whitest Mode: Block all pop up’s and allow only whitelisted sites.
  • Blacklist Mode: Allow all pop up’s and blocks only from the blacklist.

3. Popup Blocker (Strict):

Popup Blocker is the lightweight popup blocker when compared to others. This is developed by yorkris dev. Popup Blocker Chrome extension will pause all sorts of window opening requests for user attention. You can either accept or deny a request.

Popup Blocker (strict)
Popup Blocker (strict)
Price: Free

Popup Blocker (Strict) features:

  • Deny popup request.
  • Allow popup request.
  • Open popup request in a background tab.
  • Redirect current page to popup URL source.

Best Popup Blockers for Firefox Web Browser:

1. Strict Popup Blocker:

Strict Pop-up Blocker was developed by Nikos Asimakis. By this Addons, the user can quickly toggle between blocking all pop-up windows and allowing some pop-ups. By default, Firefox Pop up Blocker blocks most pop-up windows but allows some to appear. This add-on adds a button on the toolbar to toggle between:

Strict Pop-up Blocker
Strict Pop-up Blocker
  1. The default Firefox behaviour allowing some popups.
  2. Blocking all popup windows.

2. Popup Controller:

Pop up controller promises that never be annoyed by a pop-up window on your computer again. This Firefox add-on can block’s all pop up’s. Pop up Controller will available in three modes:

Pop-up Controller
Pop-up Controller
Developer: TimDaws
Price: Free
  1. Pop-ups in New Tab (Indicated with Green icon): This is the default mode, and all pop-ups will open in new tab.
  2. Block all Pop-ups (Indicate with Red icon): In this mode, all pop-ups will be blocked. Pop-ups for favourite sites can be whitelisted easily.

3. Popup Blocker Ultimate:

Popup Blocker Ultimate is developed by Mojtaba Daneshi. This can make easy to block all pop-up windows. This will give best results when compared to default Firefox pop up blocker. Popup Blocker Ultimate will work in two different modes:

Popup Blocker Ultimate
Popup Blocker Ultimate
  1. Strict: Popup Blocker Ultimate will change the default browser settings so that the browser can identify and block pop up’s by itself.
  2. Analyze: Popup Blocker Ultimate will first analyze a web site’s codes and then block the identified pop up sections.

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