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Best Workout Apps for Android to stay Fit and Healthy.

Best Bodybuilding or Workout Apps for Android Devices (as Gym trainer).


Smartphones are the greatest invention in the history. But All these gadgets making our life easier comes with a disadvantage i.e. Your health. You need a perfect routine in your life. Exercises and Workouts must be a permanent part of your daily routine and Your Android phone is going to help in this. Here are the Best Gym Workout Apps for Android Smartphone.

Best Workout Apps, Best Android Apps.

There are many apps to improve the lifestyle of a person. So I have selected 7 best bodybuilding apps or best Workout apps for Android so you can live a healthy life with the help of your smartphone.

Best Bodybuilding or Workout Apps for Android (as Gym trainer):

Nike+ Training Club App:Nike+ Training Club mobile App

Nike+ training club provides 150+ free workouts. Workouts include full body workouts, strength, endurance, and yoga. This app is suitable for both i.e. Beginners and for athletes. Workout times range from 14-45 minutes and they are available for a beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

This app also provides Daily workout recommendations. All recommendations are based on your daily routine so if you are going to use this app daily then the recommendation will be more personal

Nike+ app also provides a personal plan that guides you while adjusting to your progress, schedule, and other activities.

You can further enter your record of other activities for a more accurate tracking of your fitness life.

Map My Fitness App:

Map My Fitness mobile App:In Map my fitness app, as the name suggests it track your Workout and give feedback and stats to improve your performance. Based on your routine, you can discover new workout routes, save and share your favorites. This app is made for beginners as well as for Athletes.

Training mit MapMyFitness
Training mit MapMyFitness

With the 40 million+ people Community, you will get help, workouts recommendations, and inspiration.

Map My Fitness App Features:

  • 600+ activities based on dozens of activity types.
  • Get audio feedback for every workout (GPS based)
  • Add your running shoes and track mileage with Gear Tracker.
  • Use Routes to find nearby places to workout, save your favorite paths, add new ones, and share them with others.

In premium features: It has Personal training plan based on your routine. The Plan is dynamic and adapts to your improving fitness level. Also, Receive audio updates about your target. Updates include pace, distance, duration, calories & more.

30-day fitness Challenge App:

30-day fitness Challenge mobile AppIf you are a busy human being with very less time than this app is for you. Designed by a professional fitness coach and with the “Editor choice” tag on Play store, this app uses a scientifically proven formula to increase your fitness.

30 Tage Fitness Challenge
30 Tage Fitness Challenge

In the app, exercise intensity increases step by step. No need to go to the gym, just follow the instruction and see the results.

30-day fitness Challenge App Features:

  • Records training progress automatically.
  • Reminds you to work out.
  • Detailed video guides.
  • Increases exercise intensity step by step.
  • Share on social media.

Freeletics Bodyweight App:

Freeletics Bodyweight mobile AppFreeletics Bodyweight app gives workout based on your schedule, your fitness level, and your goals. Join the 16 million people community, get help and workout recommendations.

Freeletics Bodyweight
Freeletics Bodyweight
Developer: Freeletics
Price: Free+

Freeletics Bodyweight App Features:

  • 5-30 minute workouts based on body weight only.
  • No need to go to the gym, use your body weight for a workout.
  • More than 900 workouts covering all muscles of your body.
  • Suitable for both i.e. Beginners and Advance users.
  • Video tutorials.

In the paid version, you will get “the Coach”. A digital coach to help you with all of your daily routines.

Fitness and bodybuilding App:

Fitness and bodybuilding AppFitness & Bodybuilding: This App allows you to create a personal routine. This app also provides a huge database of exercises for every muscle. You will get the Full description of an exercise along with a video.

Fitness & Bodybuilding
Fitness & Bodybuilding
Developer: VGFIT LLC
Price: Free+

Fitness and bodybuilding App Features:

  • Exercises with Videos.
  • List of exercise for every muscle group.
  • Text instruction with pictures for each exercise.
  • Frequently updates to Exercise database.
  • Interactive graphs for your workouts progress by performance, weight, and repetitions.

Pocket Yoga Android App:

Pocket Yoga Android APPYoga is the best way to remain fit in a very busy and tense lifestyle. Pocket yoga is an app which will guide you through all Yoga sessions. Just place the phone in front of you and follow the instructions.

Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga
Developer: Rainfrog, LLC
Price: 3,20 €+

This app provides 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Each pose includes a detailed explanation of the correct posture, alignment, and benefits.

Pocket Yoga Android App Features:

  • Voice-enabled guides for every pose.
  • Poses images with correct posture and alignment.
  • All poses include descriptions and benefits.
  • Track your progress.

JEFIT Android App:

JEFIT Android AppJEFIT provides data-driven training. This app gives the largest exercise database and ton of free full week workout routines.

JEFIT is a perfect workout app for the gym workouts. This app is suitable for beginners and advanced athletes.Exercise tracker is also a great feature in this app. This app works perfectly without the Internet.

JEFIT Android App Features:

  • Easy to Use Workout Trainer.
  • Workout Timer.
  • Exercise Database.
  • Workout planner with pre-built routines.
  • Body progress tracker.
  • Powerful training analytics.
  • Workout logs in the Cloud and Local.
  • Active workout community.

We hope you got valuable information on Best Bodybuilding and Workout Apps. Thanks for reading, keep sharing. Follow us on Facebook for more latest updates. Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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