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How to Block Websites on Your Computer, Network Or Mobile


Whatever reasons behind you to block Particular websites on the computer, network or Mobile? Some websites contain harmful data, malicious Java scripts, and could be spreading viruses or contain adult content. In some cases, there are some harmful sites which can steal personal data. here is a guide How to Block Websites:

How to Block Websites

If you can capable of avoiding such websites, but in case someone uses your device. In this case, you better to block these particular websites on your computer or network. There are different ways blocking websites.

Now you can choose to block websites only on specific browsers, in the operating system, or your network router. Here is the brief tutorial which explains how to Block Websites.

How to Block Websites On your computer:

In this method, you can block websites on a particular computer. You can set up a block at the operating system level. This method easy to configure and will work across all browsers.

How to Block Websites on Windows Computers:

DNS system is the One of backbone to the Internet which translates into equivalent IP addresses. While you use DNS servers to get to websites, your computer has something called HOSTS file which can have this information stored locally. By using this you can disable access to unwanted websites.

  1. You need administrator access. Sign in to your PC using an administrator account and go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  2. Open the file named “hosts” with notepad. The last 2 lines of your hosts file should read “# localhost” and “# ::1 localhost”.

2A. if you cannot edit the file, you will need to right-click the file named hosts and select Properties. Click the Security tab, select the administrator account and click Edit.

2B. In the pop-up, select the account again and check Full control. Click Apply > Yes. Now click OK in all pop-ups.

  1. At the end of the file, you can add the addresses of websites to block. To do this, just add a line at the end of the file, with and then the name of the site you want to block – this will redirect the site’s name to your local computer.
  2. To block Facebook, for example, add “” to the end of the file without the quotes. You can block as many sites as you want this way, you can only add one per line.
  3. Repeat this step until you have added all websites you want to block.
  4. Now close the hosts file and click save. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect and you will find that all those websites are now blocked.
How to Block Websites
Block Websites Windows PC

How to Block Websites on Your Mac:

Here’s how to block websites on OS X.

  1. 1. Make sure you have administrator access to your Mac. Now open Terminal. You can find it under /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.
  2. 2. Type sudo nano /etc/hosts and press enter. Enter the user (login) password when prompted.
  3. 3. This will open the file /etc/hosts in a text editor. Type the name of the website in a new line in this format “” (minus the quotes). For each website you want to block, start a new line and type the same command with only the name of the website being replaced. When done, press ctrl+x and then Y to save changes.
  4. 4. Now key in the command sudo dscacheutil -flushcache and press Enter or restart your machine to make sure the websites are blocked.

How to Block Websites on particular Browser:

Blocking a particular website on the browser is the easiest way.

If you are using Firefox, you need to install an addon called BlockSite.

  1. Install the addon. Now click Options under the BlockSite icon. In the pop-up, click Add and enter the desired website you want to block.
  2. You can set a password in the BlockSite add-on to prevent others from editing blocked websites. This can be done via the options menu.

BlockSite extension for Google Chrome Browser.

Internet Explorer lets you block websites easily

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools (shortcut: alt+x) > Internet Options. Navigate to security tab and then click the red restricted sites icon. Click the Sites button below the icon.
  • Now in the pop-up, manually type desired websites which you want to block. When done, click Close and click OK in all other windows. Now, these websites will be blocked in Internet Explorer.

On your phone or tablet:

How to Block Website On Your iPhone and iPad:

Apple iOS has some simple parental control tools that let you block websites. Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions.
  2. Select Enable Restrictions. Now set pass code.
  3. After the passcode is set, scroll down and select Web sites. Here you can choose to limit adult content, or allow access to specific websites only.
  4. In specific websites only, there is a short list of allowed websites including Discovery Kids and Disney, but you can also add sites by tapping on Add Website.
  5. If you select Limit adult content, you can block websites that are deemed objectionable, and you can whitelist websites by Add a Website under Always Allow or blacklist them by selecting it under Never Allow.
  6. If you try to access a blocked website, you see a message telling you it is restricted. Tap the Allow Website and key in the Restrictions passcode to open that website.
How to Block Websites
Block Website On Your iPhone and iPad

How to Block Any Website on Your Android Phone:

If you are using Android, you need to edit the hosts file on your device to block. You will need a file manager and text editor. Better to use ES File Explorer. Here is how it works.

  1. Install ES File Explorer Open ES File Explorer go to “/etc” location.
  2. In this folder, you will see the hosts file – now open the hosts file as a text.
  3. Tap the 3 dots button in the top right, and tap edit.
  4. Now, you are editing the file, and to block sites, you want to redirect their DNS. To do this, just start a new line, and type “” (without the quotes, where the blocked website is the name of the site you are blocking) for each website you want to block. For example, you have to type to block Google.
  5. Reboot your Android device.

If that method complicated for you, you can install an app such as Trend Micro that lets you block websites.

  1. Install the app and run it. Go to Options > Safe surfing.
  2. Now swipe to Parental Controls and click set up an account. Create an account and you’ll see an option called Blocked List in the app. Tap it, and tap Add. Now add the websites you want to block one at a time. Once that is done, you won’t be able to access these websites on your Android smartphone.

How to Block Any Website On Windows Phone

In Windows Phone, you cannot fully block websites, but by downloading AVG Family Safety browser. By default, it blocks websites with malicious or explicit content, and if you purchase an AVG anti-virus license and create an account, you can customize blocked websites.

How to Block Any Website On Your Network:

If you are using Wi-Fi network, now it is simple and easier to block websites. Just you need to set up a block unwanted websites on your Wi-Fi router. Most routers do not have user-friendly interfaces so this can be a little confusing to new users, and the steps can different for each router, but the basic process similar.

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NOTE: Changing the wrong setting makes accidentally de-activate your connection, so if you get stuck, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) right away.

  1. You need to go to your router settings. Open any browser and type in the address bar. Press Enter. Some routers use a different address, if this does not work, check if it is mentioned in the documentation from your ISP.
  2. Now you will have to enter a username and password. This would have been set up during the installation of your connection – default username: admin, and password: password. If not, ask your ISP for the right username and password.
  3. As mentioned earlier, the interface can differ. In our router, we found that we could block websites under Access Management > Filter.
  4. Here, we selected URL Filter and typed the desired website we need to block in the URL field. And hit yes and hit Save. This blocked the website on our network.
  5. You can create 16 lists of blocked websites, each containing 16 websites, using this method, letting you block up to 256 websites. Again, this will vary from router or router.

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