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how you can delete yourself from the internet

Opting out of the internet:

how you can 'delete' yourself from the internet
Delete yourself from internet

The website works in a very simple way. Users connect using their Google Account. Then, the application finds all the services, websites and mailing lists linked to that particular Gmail address. This can include accounts on social networks, online stores and dating websites, for example. It can take quite a while to find everything if your inbox is full or your online activity is particularly rich and diverse.

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After completing the search, lists all the services and accounts alongside a link to delete or unsubscribe directly. The tool is especially handy for digging up old sites or services you may no longer use, but which still hold personal data. Note, however, that the service is currently only available for Gmail addresses.

No more newsletters! is a similar service that’s available for any email address (not just Gmail). For a while now, the site has been offering web users a quick, easy solution for unsubscribing from newsletters. After all, who hasn’t complained about getting too many unwanted emails without ever bothering to unsubscribe?
Like, the application lists all of the newsletters sent to a particular email address with a link to unsubscribe from each one in just one click. Incredibly practical, it can instantly unclutter your inbox and stop you being inundated with newsletters that get moved straight to trash.

Why bother?

As well as cutting down on unwanted emails, this online clean-up unsubscribes users from sites that may still hold personal data, which could be stolen if the site is hacked. Reducing the presence of an email address online in turn reduces the risk of it falling into unwanted hands.


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