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How to Check Website Speed? [Check Hosting Speed]

Awesome tools to Check Hosting Speed, Website Speed and get Recommendations.

Do you know how important is your website speed in SERP Ranking? WebSite Speed is one of the top 10 factors in Google 200 ranking factors. The more speed the more traffic you will get. Here you learn how to Check website speed.

best site speed checker tools

How to test your website speed?

There are many online tools available to check and test website speed. We have tested and selected some best tools to check website speed. These tools also give suggestions to improve website speed. And Enhancing website speed will drastically improve SERP Ranking and User Experience.

Best tools to check Website speed:

Here we listed best online services to check website speed. These tools will show detailed report and suggestions on how to resolve the issues.

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GtMetrix is the best online service to check website speed. Gtmetrix was developed by GT.NET to their customers. This tool has the facility to compare two sites.

GtMetrix Website speed test tool, check website speed

GtMetrix features:

GtMetrix provides detailed information of a website. It will analyze whole content on your website and gives details report with suggestions.

  • Analyze website page on Google page speed and Yahoo! YSlow.
  • GtMetrix provides page Load Time, Total Page Size and Total number of Requests.
  • You can see page performance relative to the average of all sites analyzed on Gtmetrix.
  • Test your website speed from multiple locations (Vancouver, Canada. London, UK. Sydney, Australia. Dallas, USA. Mumbai, India. São Paulo, Brazil. Hong Kong, China.).
  • GtMetrix will analyze your page on the android device. You can get mobile performance data to optimize for mobile users.
  • Remove outdated content from Google index [Bulk URL removal tutorial].


Pingdom is a set of free online tools which can be used to test your website speed. Use this free online service to test website speed and analyze the load speed of your websites. This is very useful to learn how to increase website speed.Pingdom a free website speed test tool

How Pingdom tools Work:

Pingdom tests all websites from the real-time browser, hence the results are more accurate. This will use Chrome web browser to perform website speed test. And all tests are done from Pingdom servers. You can access Pingdom website speed test tools by Pingdom features:

Pingdom Features:

  • Pingdom will examine all parts (HTML, JavaScript and CSS files, images, etc.) of the website and give exact details.
  • Test website speed from multiple locations by selecting servers in the test from a menu.
  • Pingdom allows sharing test results of a particular website.
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PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers:

Google PageSpeed Insights is the boon to webmaster and web developers. This official website speed test tools from Google. PageSpeed Insights analyze all content on the web page and then generates suggestions to make that page to test website speed with google

PageSpeed gives results for both mobile and desktop versions with previews. This tool does not use real devices. PageSpeed Insights fetches website with a Blink renderer (powered by Google Chrome) that emulates both the mobile device and desktop devices.

WebPage Test:

webpagetestWebpagetest is a free website speed test online tool, you can test your website speed from different locations. WebPageTest provides results with rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.

Test My Site tool – Think With Google:

This is another website speed test tool from Google. This tool is dedicated to testing web page speed for mobile

You can access think with Google by visiting here. This tool is very helpful to check mobile website speed. Test My Site tool is powered by Google, this will show the recommendations for improving website performance across all devices.

How to Test Hosting Speed:

Bitcatcha – Speed Test Your Website Server (Response Time)

Bitcatcha tool is the best server speed checker. Your website site speed depends on the server, hence you must use good hosting server such as DigitalOcean, SiteGround, etc..bitcatcha Speed Test Your Website Server (Response Time)

You can check How fast is your hosting by bitcatcha. You can check web hosting performance by using bitcatcha Server Speed Checker. It will perform server speed test and show the result that your server response time around the world.

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Web Hosting Speed Test:

Web Hosting Speed TestPickupHost Web Hosting Speed Test tool is very useful to check your web hosting speed and performance. If you want to know how fast is your web hosting? Or if you want to check the web hosting company you are interested in? It is time to try out the easy-to-use PickupHost Speed-test service.

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