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Definitive Guide to SEO [Best SEO techniques 2018].

Best SEO techniques to dominate SERP's in 2018. And, the Best SEO techniques for all niche websites.


Google has been improving the Ranking algorithm for last few years. Today Ranking in Top 10 SERP is not an easy task. You need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and White hat link building for better SERP rankings.   Here is Definitive Guide to SEO in 2018.

Check out our Definitive Guide to SEO article. This will show you the Best SEO techniques to dominate SERP in 2018. And, these are the Best SEO techniques for all niche websites.Best SEO Techniques, Definitive Guide to SEO, Best SEO techniques to dominate SERP's in 2018, Best SEO techniques for all niche websites, SEO Tutorial.Also Read: White Hat S.E.O 2017: Techniques to Increase Your TrafficWhat is Alexa ranking how to optimize it?

So if you want to succeed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you have to identify the right SEO technique for you and then apply it in a right way. Every niche needs different SEO techniques. So Link building for a technology or Gadget blog is different from the Diet or lifestyle blog.

Definitive Guide to SEO in 2018:

This Definitive SEO Guide will show you 3 Amazing SEO techniques or tweaks which amazingly can boost your SERP rankings in 2018:

  1. 1st one is Skyscraper Technique.
  2. 2nd one is broken link building.
  3. And 3rd one boost page load time.

Here are the 3 Amazing SEO techniques:

1: Skyscraper technique step by step: Skyscraper technique was founded by Brain dean. We used it on my recent posts and results were excellent. This is white hat SEO technique and consist of 3 steps:

  • Find a link worthy topic.
  • Create the best Content for that topic.
  • Reach out to people for links.

Skyscraper technique revolves around quality and promotion. Most of the bloggers write a post and after publishing it they just pray for rankings. This Publish and pray approach can work on some low competitive keywords and niches, but for a competitive niche, you have to deliver the best. But Publishing a Great piece of Content is just the beginning.

The Ultimate goal of any Content is to generate lead and money. For leads you need traffic and for traffic you need Rankings. And we already know that Google uses more than 200 factors to rank Content.  And if the Content fails to impress the almighty Google than forgetting the Leads and money.

So how are you going to over rank those big fishes? The answer is “Give more Value” and reach out to right people.  That’s it. SEO is easy and straight forward. It is the competition which makes things difficult.

Writing detailed and long articles helps in rankings, sometimes your post will rank without backlinks. I have seen many blogs out ranking much bigger DA websites with a long and detailed post. Long posts are informative and include much more LSI keywords.

LSI Keywords, SEO, Content length of top ten results.So this is one the best technique for technology and gadget blog. Use skyscraper technique and steal your competitor rankings.

Step 1: Find a link worthy topic: To find a link worthy topic, just look at your competitor’s best performing posts. You can use Ahrefs Content Explorer or Buzzsumo.

Ahrefs Content Explorer, SEOYou have to find the post with most Social shares and with most backlinks. For backlinks info, you can use Majestic or MOZ open site explorer. Ahrefs has a feature in which you can see the best performing page of a website. Follow this post to learn how to find viral posts.

Step 2: Make something even better: Now you have selected the topic, just Create a Content which is better than all of the others. Here is the way to do it:

Type the Keyword in Google and Check all the post which ranks on the first page. In my case, the keyword is “best substratum themes”. The top 10 results for this keyword is:

best substratum themesAs you can see, all of them giving 10 and maximum 15 themes. So the first thing is To Create a list of 30 or you can make it of 50. And this technique work pretty well because making a large list makes your content bigger and Google Loves long posts or content. Long Content performs better at SERP and they also include more LSI keywords than small posts.

And you can use Tables, graphs, images and Video to make an amazing piece of Content. And make sure to follow these ON-page SEO techniques. On-page SEO make the Content better for both i.e. Google and human. After Publishing moves to the 3rd step.

Step 3: Reach out to right people (Build a lot of backlinks): Backlinks are one of the top factors for ranking a post. A white hat backlink can boost your post and your overall Domain authority. But if you will build a lot of spam or black hat backlinks than ready for a tight slap from Google.

Many newbie blogger Choose Blog commenting and forum link building. These type of links works for very low competitive keywords and sometimes such type of backlinks does not even work.

So how to build the white hat backlinks. There are many techniques like Email outreach and broken link building which work very well. And in Skyscraper technique, we use Email outreach. All the people and bloggers who shared something about your topic are the top priority for Email outreach. So just do 2 things.

  1. Find the people who are sharing about your topic on their social account.
  2. Find the people who link to the topic related to your post.

SEO BuzzsumoAnd After making a list of them, send an email to them about your post. If your Content is a beast than expecting a lot of backlinks. Sometimes 5 or 10 white hat backlinks can help your post to climb the SERP to the top. Email outreach is a very old technique and works most of the time. If you are going to send 100 emails and 15% of them accept your request then you have 15 white hat backlinks.

 Technique 2: Broken link Building: Broken link building is fixing a broken link on websites and in return, you will receive a backlink. The best way to do it:

You can use this Chrome extension for checking any broken link on a website.  The most efficient way to do is to use Ahrefs.

  1. Go to Site Explorer and type the website from which you want the link.
  2. On the Left sidebar, click on Broken links.
  3. Ahrefs will show you all the broken links to which the website is linking.

Brokenlink buildingNow copy the broken link and Go to Paste the link on there and you will the snapshots of the post which was taken when the link was live. See the snapshot and Create a Content similar to it or better than it. After publishing, reach out to the website and inform them about the broken link, at the same time give your link as a replacement link. Chances are very high that they will accept the request.

Pro tip: Insert the broken link on Ahrefs site explorer and see all the websites which link to it. Then reach out to them and Do the same thing i.e. Inform about broken link and give your link for replacement. Broken link building is a very Good technique for any type of niche.

Watch a video on How to build backlinks:

Technique 3: Boost Page load time: Google always try to give you the best result. And if a website load very slow then it will perform worse at SERP. The most recommended load time is less than 4 seconds. There are many ways to improve site load time.

1. Use a fast web host: to boost site speed. A good web host is the first thing you need for a fast website. There are many Web host services in the market, but very few of them give the best performance.

We recommend the Cloudways hosting. And if you are running a big website then go for kinsta, they use Google Cloud platform.

Here is a Comparision between web hosts. Just look at the difference between response time and Uptime:

Web Hosting2. Use a Cache plugin

While there few free Cache plugins like WP total cache etc. The best is WP Rocket, it is paid but gives the best performance of all. Download WordPress cache plugins here:

WP Super Cache
WP Super Cache
Developer: Automattic
Price: Free
W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache
Developer: Frederick Townes
Price: Free

What is Caching?

When a site is cached, all of the website data (Images, video etc.) Are stored on the local hard drive of PC. So when a user opens a frequently accessed file, the browser will have most of its files cached.

When a browser doesn’t have to retrieve new information every time a site is opened it gives faster page load times. Here is a test conducted by Harsh Agarwal from Shoutmeloud. One of his sites was using WP total cache plugin. And these are the result.

Wordpress Cache Plugin

He installed WP rocket and removed WP total cache.

  • Deleted cache
  • Disabled all cache option.
  • Disabled and uninstalled plugin
  • Remove W3 Total config files via FTP
  • Removed entries from .htaccess file
  • Also used clean options plugin to delete orphan tables created by W3 total cache
  • After that, he installed WP rocket. And conducted the same test. The result:

Cache Plugin

And after that, he enabled few options like Lazy loading images, mobile caching and increased the clear cache lifespan to 96 hours. And then tested the site. The result was

Wordpress Plugins

As you can see, a cache plugin is very important for your website and for your server.

Optimize WordPress: Optimizing your WordPress can give you fast loading pages. Sometimes it can improve the Load times dramatically. Follow these to Optimize WordPress.

  1. Optimize Images.

Optimize Images

Images are one of the most important things to make a Content Visually good. But sometimes, unoptimized images make a Website slow. Images which are not optimized take a lot of space and they are bigger in size. So Page load speed will be slow. Use to compress your images. I have compressed many images up to 80%.

  1. Monitor your Plugins.

Plugins are one of the best features of WordPress. But also the biggest causes of WordPress websites being slow. Installing too many plugins will create some performance issues hence result to a slow website

But too many plugins are not the only reason for a slow website. Some other reasons including bad coding, calls to external servers and persistent calls and updating of your WordPress database. Always monitor your plugins and if any of them creating issues, remove that.

  1. Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip compression allows a website page to be transferred to a browser at up to 70% of its original size. The browser will then decompress the page.

  1. Minify and Combine CSS and Javascript

When someone visits a Web page, their computer sends a request for a file and then the server sends it back. Too many requests can cause longer time to respond.

Minify combines multiple CSS and Javascript files into a single file. This helps in reducing the number of HTTP requests. The application also removes unnecessary whitespace and comments. WordPress plugins available that will minify your CSS and Javascript files are WP Minify and Better WordPress Minify.

  1. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Content Delivery Network

Your website is hosted on a server and the server is located at a specific place. When someone opens your website, the more distance between the server and user the more time will be consumed to load the page.

A CDN uses dozens of data centers around the world. They host your images, CSS and Javascript files, and serve the files to visitors from the closest location to them. Seconds can be taken away from your page loading times because of this. Find more free CDN Services here.

  • Some of the best CDN are
  • MaxCDN
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • CloudFlare
  1. Split Comments into Pages: A lot of comments means a long time to load the page. You can break them with an inbuilt feature in WordPress.  In settings, go to discussion and check the box of “Break comment into pages”.

These are some basic tips for WordPress optimization, but you can further optimize it with some advanced methods. Learn more at Labnol.


Content marketing will be a $300 million industry by 2019. It is a serious business and you need to perform the best.

Many newcomers start with a technology blog, Link building for a tech blog is easy, All you need is a fast loading website and a great piece of content. Use High DA forums to build link. Editorial links are very hard to get in tech niche.

In lifestyle website, the best way to get backlinks is to publish an infographic. You can read a guide prepared by Brain Dean. He used this technique when he had 12 twitter followers and almost no recognition in SEO field.

Broken link building is on the best way to build backlinks. It is easy and you can get a backlink from any website.

Website load has an effect on ranking, no doubt about it. Recently Google started to serve AMP pages for fast loading. Integrating AMP is very effective for a news blog and for technology and lifestyle blog. In this competitive world, only the finest will achieve success. So give more value and promote your Content.

Thanks for reading our Best SEO techniques to dominate SERP article. And, these are the Best SEO techniques for every niche websites. This gives a lot of information on White hat SEO techniques 2017.

If we missed any topic in our SEO Definitive Guide? Please let us know in the comment section. The best way to learn SEO Techniques follow us on Facebook.

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