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How to buy Domain? Tips to choose perfect Domain Name.

Now a day’s Domain buying is very simple and easier. Getting a domain name is registering a name for your company/organization. There are several services available such as GoDaddy, Namecheap for registering a domain.

Domain Buying Guide

Domain Buying Tips:

Choosing the Domain name is one of the important establishments of your online presence. So, be careful when choosing a domain name. A right domain name helps you to grow target audience, build community and brand awareness. So follow below tips while choosing a domain name.

  • Choose a name which is easy to remember and easy to type. Because hard names cannot be remembered easily.
  • Avoid numbers and symbols in your domain name.
  • Choose a short and sweet name. Because the visitors can remember and type easily.
  • Always prefer .COM if it is not available you can go for .Net, .Info, .Org and etc.
  • Don’t choose a domain which is too similar to other brands.
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Where to Buy a Domain:

There are many services are available to register a domain name with very cheapest and competitive prices. Godaddy and Bigrock offering .COM domain at 99/- rs only. Check out best places to buy a domain.

  • Note: These are the best domain name providers, you can try any service from the above list.

1. Buying A Domain From Google:

Google also offering domain services. Google offers .COM domain at 12 USD its bit costly when compared to other domain registration services like GoDaddy and NameCheap.

Google Domains

Also, Google offering site creation and custom email services to its customers. You can access Google domain registration service by visiting

2. .COM domain at 99 rs (GoDaddy & Bigrock):

It’s true now you can get a domain at Rs 99 only, it is very cheap when compared to Google and other services. Godaddy offering this is only for Indian customers.

And, you get .COM domain at 99 rs only for 1st one year, they will charge you a regular price when you renew your domain. Godaddy is the best service for buying a domain, it has easy to configure and maintain. Godaddy allows 2 Step Verification for more security.

Bigrock also offering the same price like .COM domain at 99 rs. But, Bigrock has a condition, you have to buy the domain for 2 years. Now, they will charge 99 for .COM Domain for only 1st one year and the 2nd year they will charge regular price. Godaddy and Bigrock have their own Hosting services, the plans are cheaper than other services.

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