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Best Email Capture Techniques 2018 to Lead Generation.

These Email Capturing techniques may increase your Email subscribers list.

Every business need email subscribers for promoting products and generating leads. But many people failed to get email subscribers, because email capture is not an easy task. Some people just use A newsletter Subscription popup and they do not convert that well. Here is are the Best Email Capture Techniques 2018 to Lead Generation. Also, Check our Email Marketing Guide 2018.Best Email Capture techniquesIn Digital Marketing there are many ways to earn money such as AdSense (CPC), Affiliate marketing and many other ways. Selling your services is an also great way to earn a steady flow of money. But it needs a pro-level effort from your side. Simply rushing your services and the prices in front of a user is not the right way to do it, right?

How to Capture more emails and then earn money from Affiliate marketing and selling your services. Keep reading the post and we will show you the Best Email Capture Techniques 2018 to Lead Generation.

If you are expert in a specific thing and you want to sell your services in that field, then building Email subscribers is a very good strategy for you. But before asking for the Emails, the customers need to know your potential and skills. You have to show off your skills which make the people believe that you are an expert in the field.

What are the right email capture techniques in 2018?

In Digital Marketing, A Company shows some information or a piece of article which got enough information and data to impress a user. Then they ask for the Email of the user and give something in the back like a PDF version of the post with some extra bonus.

The best example:, are the two companies which running a blog. They use SEO to rank their articles. And this is how they get Targeted traffic without any big expenses.

Many companies give a “demo” or trial to showcase the capabilities of their product. So In Internet marketing, you write a blog post about the topic which related to your niche. And if your Content is good then expect a good amount of email Subscriber.

Now there are few Advantages of email capture:

  1. Instead of asking the Email directly, you are giving some value in return of email. And every single person who gives the Email is actually interested in your Articles and Guides.
  2. Higher conversion rate: Peoples love free stuff. In this case, People getting free stuff and you are getting the Emails.

So the email capture techniques go in this way:

  • Show off your Knowledge and Capability (Through the blog posts).
  • Giving them Downloadable Stuff with some extra Bonus.
  • And finally, sell your services or Step into Affiliate marketing.

An Advanced Guide on Email Capture Techniques and Lead Generation:

STEP 1: Show off what you are capable of:

And the best way to capture email is: Create a Killer Post with actionable Tips. If you want an example then have a look at, Brain dean only posted around 40 blog posts and already dominating the SERP and yes, He is running a million dollar Business with his blog.

What he is doing is creating a good piece of Content and capturing Emails. And then sell his services to the email subscriber.

So, first of all, create a good post. You can use SEO techniques to create an SEO friendly post read our Best SEO Techniques for more information. Here are a few Tips:

Skyscraper Technique: A technique made by Brain dean. Comprises of three simple steps:

  1. Find a Keyword which can convert traffic into customers.
  2. Analysis the Top 10 result for that Keyword and Create a Post which is better than all Top 10 Results.
  3. Promote it like crazy. Build Backlinks (Lots of them).

Always use Media in your Blog posts. They make the content more readable and also decrease bounce rate. According to a survey, the Content with images outperforms a content with no images. Images also make your Content more readable and visually beautiful, which increase the on-page time.

Create Long posts. An Articles which is long and informative tends to rank higher on SERP. Because they contain more info and more LSI keywords.

Proper Interlinking and Always link to other relevant websites. A Good interlinking has a strong effect on rankings. And External links also make a huge difference. Perform proper On-page SEO on Titles and Keywords.

The basic SEO is still important. Optimizing Title and Content can affect the ranking drastically. Here is a list of important On-page SEO tips:

  1. Title tag: Add Keyword in the beginning of Title tag.
  2. SEO friendly permalinks (Short and contain the targeted keyword).
  3. Use Modifiers in the Title tag.
  4. Add Keyword in first 100 words.
  5. Boost site speed and Mobile Optimization.
  6. Optimize Images.
  7. Social Sharing buttons.

STEP 2: Ask for the Emails and Give something in back:

Now here comes the Real part. Getting Emails. Instead of asking like a beggar, I will show a better way which makes you the “Giver”. All you need is this Chrome extension to convert your blog post into PDF version of that post. Or you can use other Pro tools to create visually beautiful PDF.

  • But before that, let me show you something. Have a look at this:

Subscribe to our news letter

  • Now, look at it. You can easily predict which Pop-up going to convert more.

Attract Email Subscribers

Best Email capture technique

So using a term like ‘free’ and ‘Bonus’ can totally change the game. And in this case, we give a PDF version and also some extra stuff, For example:

In a post on Email marketing, you can give emails scripts as a bonus. And In an Android niche, you can give free wallpapers and themes pack. Here are the Steps to make a proper Email capturing campaign.

Create a PDF version of the post and also add some extra stuff (Bonus).

Email Exchange, Download PDF by giving Email

Place the banner in the post so the people will see it clean. You can use a different background for it, I prefer Yellow as it is scientifically proven to attract more attention.

You can also use some tools to create a Custom PDF or just use Fiverr to get a Custom made PDF for 5 or 10$.

STEP 3: Sell your services, do affiliate marketing.

Sending Emails is also an important part. You just can’t spam their inbox with your Emails. Make a schedule for sending emails. Like 2 or 3 Emails per month. And only send useful emails.

Some tips for Sending actionable emails:

The subject line is the most important thing. Make sure that your Subject line contains the topic of the post. Instead of the Subject lines like:

  • “Important! Read Immediately”
  • “Read this email”
  • Try to write like this:
  • “Hatchback cars getting a price cut by 10%”
  • “Microsoft will release Windows 10 on 30 October”

Keep the Email focused and straight to the point. See the below image for reference:

Generate email subscribers

Some Others useful Tips to Email capture Techniques in 2018:

  1. Use Aweber or Convertkit for email capture. This will make Email marketing easier.
  2. Use Fiverr and Freelancer to get a good designed PDF for your service.
  3. Perform A/B tests to know which email script works best.

Every blogger and Internet marketer should focus on Email Subscriber. Because they are the people who are interested in the topic as well as in you. There are many techniques for email capture, using Facebook and Twitter are such examples.

if you are giving something good and expect something good in the back. The only thing you need is the promotion. A good promotion strategy can give you bunch of backlinks and a recognition in the field.

Helping people on forums is also the best email capture technique. Your advice will be public and many people will know about you and your website. In that way, you can capture some extra emails.

Having a page for Newsletter Subscription is always recommended for capture email. You can also give a free guide or eBook to the new visitor. Just make a Good landing page. And promote the EBook there.

But at the end of the day, the only thing which matters is money. And for a good income make sure to use a good email script. Always keep the eye on online stores and inform your email subscriber about any discount. This can land you some good amount of affiliate money.

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