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Definitive Email Marketing Guide 2018

A detailed practical Email Marketing Guide 2018 and building email list.

Email marketing is an important part of any online campaign. They are the most targeted people who are interested in the blog.

email marketing guideEvery digital marketer should focus on capturing emails from Day 1. But capturing emails is not an easy part because people are just too lazy sometimes or they want their inbox clean. But don’t be worry because you will find the solution in this post.

Why should you focus on Email Marketing or Subscribers?

SEO is not an easy task. People spend a lot of money and time to see their website on top of SERP. What happens then, they receive a lot of organic traffic and finally earn some money. But they leaving a lot of money on the table.

When a user visits your site and read your articles then depending on the quality of the article, he/she can be interested in your blog and services. But wait, All he/she can do is visit your blog daily and sometimes (Most of the times actually) they will stop. Because they will forget. In the Smartphone age, humans have shorter memory span than goldfish.

So here comes the Email marketing. Capturing Emails of people which are interested in your blog and services.

6 Important Reasons to Email Marketing?

  1. This will increase your subscribers (Email).
  2. These Email subscribers are targeted.
  3. You have the Control on your subscribers.
  4. You own the Email list.
  5. Email marketing gets you more engagement.
  6. Email marketing is the best way to promote products online.

Try These Different Email capture techniques on your Website:

1. Content upgrade:

The content upgrade is the most effective way to Capture Emails, where users initiate the Process and Give the Email. When you give your Subscriber a Bonus or a “Reward” for Subscribing then it is a Content Upgrade.

Content Upgrade Technique

Suppose that a User visits on a Post “Top 3 ways to reduce belly fat”. There is a Subscriber form but with a heading like: Subscribe and Get the PDF version of this post + 3 Diet plans to start right away.

Adding some terms like “free” and “Bonus” increase the Engagement. This Technique also makes your post better and practical. Some examples of Content Upgrade.

2. A landing page:

A landing page is a great way to capture Emails when a new user visits your blog. Instead of presenting the post, the users see a full-screen page which asks them for Email. Now it seems like an annoying way to ask for Email but you can fix that.

Sample Landing Page

Just make a Beautiful page with some positive Facts and Studies. You can follow these steps to create a High converting landing page:

Always present some Good facts, proofs, and offers. This makes your Landing page more engage-able.

The design is an important thing. You can get a beautiful landing page on Fiverr for 5$ or you can create by yourself. But always keep the design Minimal with Good and Soft colours.

Use Images and GIFs. Media always help in marketing. Make the Subscriber button colourful and use an attractive colour for it. You need to attract users to it. Make sure that it appears after the Facts and Proofs.

3. Ask Users their problems and Present the Solution (and ask for the Email):

Let’s start with an example. See how Hairlossrevolution capturing emails from its visitors? is a blog which currently using this technique.

ask email from visitors

They ask for a little test to determine if your hair fall is reversible or not. The test comprises of 4to 5 question and in the end, it gives the result but with a treatment. In this way, they capture email and also present the product in front the user.

I love this technique because? You ask the user their problem (with the solution) which make the user more confident about your services.

4. Pop-up at the End of Your Content:

Showing a Pop-up, in the end, is a good way to ask for emails without disturbing the user while they read the article.

Many people like to interact with the website after finishing the article. So having a Subscribe widget or a pop-up at the end of the post is a very important thing.

5. Pop-up when a user signal to exit:

When a user signals to exit your website then a pop-up appears and ask for the Email. The user stops and sees the pop-up. This is a very good way to convert a one-time user into a subscriber.

WPbeginner did this and they got the drastic increase in their Email list. Many big websites and blogs shifted to this technology and got the result right away.

You can use SumoMe or Optin monster to use this pop-up.

6. A pop-up when a user scrolls X% of the Page:

Presenting a Pop-up after the user scrolls to the X% of the page is a very gentle way to ask for the Email. No need to present a full-screen pop-up which covers all the screen, instead you can use a pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

This technique draws the attraction of user very easily but without disturbing them. As the pop-up is small enough so it is not a barrier.

Many studies proved that a pop-up at the right side of the screen is the best place to get maximum conversion. Also, make sure to use White and light colours in the pop-up and use positive terms like “free” etc.

7. Sticky Top bar:

Sticky bars on the top of the screen is a great way to get user attention without interfering with the article.

A Sticky bar stays at the top when a user scrolls through the page. In this way, the bar always remains in the sight of the user. You can ask for the email or you can give a link to other landing pages. Giving some stuff and promoting it on the top bar is also a good way.

8. Make your Homepage a link magnet:

The homepage is one of the most visited pages of a website. Almost all of the link juice flows to the homepage. So using your homepage to get some Emails is very important.

Link Magnet email capturing technique

Prepare a beautiful and eye-catching homepage with Images and your achievements. Or sometimes, give something free and ask for the email.

When it comes to the homepage, I always recommend to check out Backlinko and These blogs first give an introduction about themselves and then give an EBook for free. In this way, they make some fans right out of their homepage.

Backlinko email marketing tips

9. Include a Messaging pop-up on your blog:

This technique is pretty much new but convert well. Just add a messaging pop-up at the bottom corner and initiate the chat with an automated message like “Do you like to reduce belly fat in next 45 days”. Give two options as answer i.e. Yes or no.

If the user says yes then ask for the Email and If they say no then also ask for Email (or not). The full method is automated, that means all of the messages from your side are automated. Here is the technique in action.

Messaging pop up on your blog

10. Use the Sidebar:

A sidebar is a place which always appears to a user which makes it a pretty good choice to place your Subscriber form. In fact, many websites placed the Subscribe form in the sidebar and got a 26% in their Email conversion rate.

Use the Sidebar for capture emails

Upper position in the sidebar is the most converting, so always try to place the form in the upper area of the sidebar.

11. Give free Stuff:

People love free stuff. And giving them free stuff on your blog is a great way to capture some more Emails. You can give a free EBook or a List of tools and then promote it on your blog and if possible, on other blogs and social sites.

I once did a test by giving free Wallpaper pack. I did it to capture emails for my news site and the test went successfully. I created a dedicated landing page on privy ad gave the free wallpaper pack in return of the Email and the permission to send them a newsletter.

I captured 290 Emails in a single day and then I tried it with another type of stuff like themes packs. I captured a ton of Emails for my new blog with no organic traffic. Always remember that never ever spam anyone. Always keep the Email safe and try to send only useful Emails.

12. Subscriber box at the End of the post:

Although it seems like the technique I already gave, but in this method, you add a subscriber form at the end of the form. Pop-up bothers some people so a fixed subscriber form is a good choice.

13. Take a survey:

Many companies increased their Email conversion rate by taking the survey. Just add a tiny survey box at the bottom of the page and ask the user 1-3 questions and ask for the Email in the end. This technique works like a charm so it worth trying.

How to get email subscribers from Facebook Ads.

1. Add an email signup link and form to your Facebook page:

You just add an opt-in form to your Facebook page. So anyone who lands on your Facebook page will see the “Signup” tab and if he/she is interested then he/she will be redirected to a Subscriber form.

2. Facebook Ads for Email Marketing:

Facebook is a large Social media platform. So advertising on it is not a bad deal. Just spend some money to present your Content or a link to thousands of people worldwide. If done correctly, the Facebook ads can land you a lot of Email subscriber. Make the Primary link a Landing page.

Other Email Capture techniques:

1. Host a Contest or Giveaway:

A contest or a giveaway can skyrocket your Email list in size. How? First of all, it is a Giveaway means a lot of attraction and a lot of eyeballs, which means a lot of Emails Subscriber.

If done correctly, your giveaway can be viral on the Internet. Just use Gleam to host your Giveaway. In gleam, a task gives a user points and the more points, the more probability of him winning the prize.

You can give points to a user for subscribing your Newsletter or a point for the referral. In this way, the user will share your Giveaway link and it will give you a lot of email subscriber.

2. Ask to Subscribe:

A simple but effective Email capture technique. Open Facebook and go to any of the group or page which is close to your niche. Send a message to the people to subscribe to your Email list.

Although this technique is slow but can be very beneficial for a new website. I did this when I started with my blogs and captured few hundred emails.


Every website needs a different type of approach. So do tests and point out the best working method for your website. Use heat maps and some A/B testing tools to determine the best spot.

In my opinion, Content upgrade and Giveaways are two methods which work like a charm. Although Giveaways need some investment, this is the business, You invest and you earn more.

Always deliver best quality content and half of work will be easy. A good impression in front of people can be the most profitable deal for you.

So, which method is your favorite in email marketing? Let us know in the comments section. Also, read our Email Capturing Techniques, This Email Marketing Tips may use full for every blog and E-Commerce Websites.

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