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First Indian Thermal Imaging Devices

Bombay IIT Develops 1st Indian Thermal Imaging Devices:

Indian Thermal Imaging Devices
Indian Thermal Imaging Devices

A scientist’s team from Bombay IIT now made key breakthrough in developing 1st Indian infrared sensors for thermal imaging. In 2010 the research was started, with the financial help from DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization).

Scientists said, that the new technology can used for wide range of applications like night vision, surveillance, military and security operations and even in the cancer detection treatment.

In an air conditioned room in the department, Professor. Subhananda Chakrabarti with his team are able to use the sensor to capture startlingly clear images of human subjects, even when the room is in complete darkness and air conditioned. The sensor captures the thermal signature originated by a subject and is accurate to the point of picking up minor temperature differences: put your hand on a cold surface for two seconds for instance, and that sport on your palm registers darker on the camera.

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Subhananda Chakrabarti Bombay IIT Professor electrical engineering department said “The successful development and demonstration of Indian infrared sensors to image human objects is a major milestone for the Indian scientific community,”

Professor. Subhananda Chakrabarti says. “The focal plane arrays, which is at the heart of all thermal imagers, involves a number of complex fabrication steps,”

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Bombay IIT research group have successfully optimized each of these steps in-house and thereby the flip chip bonded sensor arrays can be entirely fabricated in this country. This will make the indigenous thermal imaging or night-vision technology affordable and cheaper and will serve as a perfect example of Made in India.”

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