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8 Free Backlink Checker Tools 2018 [Try Right Now]

Free and Best SEO tools to check and monitor your backlinks!


As you know backlinks are the key factors to rank a website in search engine. Now SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is revolved around link building. Because External Links (Backlinks) increase website rankings in the SERPs. As 95% of SEO professionals are focusing is on building quality backlinks. Check out the list of 8 free backlinks checker tools you should try right now in 2018.Free Backlinks Checker Tools 2018

Now a day’s getting good and high-quality backlinks are very difficult and, spam backlinks are harmful to the website. If you are in SEO industry free backlinks checker tools are very useful in identifying high-quality backlinks, finding backlinks opportunities, and performing competitor analysis.

Google said: “Content and Links going to your site” are the two most important ranking factors followed by RankBrain.

Top 8 Free Backlink Checker Tools In 2018

Having a website for a long time does not matter when you have not properly organized it in the right way. Building links high-quality backlinks are the key factor in SERPs rankings. There are many ways to build links to your site check out our detailed Backlinks building guide.

If you want outrank particular website or webpage in your niche you need to do competitor analysis for keyword and check the backlinks from where that website got backlinks. In this process, Semrush and Ahrefs tools are very useful but these are little expensive you can try free Backlinks checker tools.

There are several Backlinks checker online tools available but some are free and some are paid services. Here we are listing free and best Backlinks checker tools which are available right now for you.

1. Rank signals (Best free backlink tool):

RankSignals is the one of the best and free service to check backlinks. This is very useful in competitor analysis. Also, RankSignals offer Chrome extension for making easy to check backlinks.

Free Backlink Checker Tool ranksignals

You just need to login to RankSignals and enter the desired domain to explore the links. RankSignals Chrome Extensions also shows Google Page Rank, Unique backlinks, total backlinks, Alexa Ranking, Adplanner traffic estimation, Archive Wayback machine and whois report. Download RankSignals free backlinks checker extension:

2. MOZ OSE: A freemium backlink tool:

MOZ Open Site Explorer is the best service to check backlinks. Also, MOZ provides website metrics that page authority and domain authority. You can export and download all backlinks data in MOZ OSE.

Backlinks Checker MOZ, MOZ Open Site Explorer, Free Backlinks Checker Tools

It has both paid and free plans also you can try 30 days trial version. MOZ is the best way to check backlinks and doing competitor analysis. You will get full access to OSE (Open Site Explorer) after upgrading to MOZ Pro. MOZ Provides details information about a domain and its backlinks sources and spam score.

3. Small SEO tools (Set of free SEO tools):

Small SEO Tools is the free service which provides set of free SEO online tools. This is the biggest free SEO tools collection. Small SEO tools are of premium quality and completely free.

small seo tools

The free SEO service called Small SEO Tools providing 7 dedicated Backlinks checker tools online. You can check the list below.

  1. Backlinks Checker: You can check particular website backlinks.
  2. Backlinks Maker: you can create backlinks to your website but these links are not effective.
  3. Website Link Count Checker:
  4. Website broken link checker:
  5. Link price calculator:
  6. Reciprocal Link Checker:
  7. Website link analyzer tool:

4. Backlinks watch:

Backlinks Watch is the best and free backlinks checker tool. This is the very easy process and no need to log in. Just open the site and enter desired the URL or domain to check the backlinks.

backlinks watch

5. SEO review tools:

Another free service called SEO review tools offers a free Backlinks Tool / Links Checker. This tool has the facility to export all backlinks data to excel file. This is free and anyone can try.

seoreviewtools Free Backlinks Checker

SEO Review Tools has many other SEO tools you can find here:

  1. Google Page Speed Checker.
  2. AMP Checker / Testing tool.
  3. Website authority checker.
  4. Link building tool.
  5. Backlinks checker tool.
  6. Keyword suggestion tool.
  7. Duplicate content checker.
  8. Domain authority & Page authority checker.
  9. SEO Content Editor.
  10. Facebook share count checker.

6. Site Explorer by Cognitive SEO:

Cognitive SEO Site Explorer is a Backlinks Research Tool to Spot Link Building Opportunities & Investigate Rankings a website and its competitors.

Site Explorer by cognitive SEO

This site explorer is not free. By using Cognitive SEO Site Explorer you can find backlinks of your website or webpage and link building opportunities.

7. Google webmaster tools for monitor backlink:

Google does not have a separate Backlinks checker tool. But this future is included in the Google webmasters tools also called Google Search Console. Google Backlinks checker will show all external links to your website. This is very helpful for webmasters. This feature allows webmasters to check their backlinks easily.

How to Check Backlinks in Google Search Console:

Google Backlinks checker

Login to your Google webmaster tools. Go to search traffic and select links to your site. Under this section, you will find total links and who links the most. For reference check above image. You can download this table in CSV file. Check out our details tutorial on Google Search Console.

8. Monitor backlinks:

Monitor Backlinks is the free Backlinks checker SEO tool. With this, you can get top backlinks to the desired website. Check out how Monitor Backlinks works:

Thanks for reading our 8 best backlinks checker tools in 2018. These tools are the best for SEO competitor analysis and checking and monitoring your backlinks. RankSignals is the best tool to check backlinks with the Chrome extension.

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