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Best SEO Tools 2018: The Amazing List [Free!]

SEO is the most important for the start-ups and any businesses. SEO helps to outreach and promote your products and services. And, also helps in your business growth. You can make handsome profits if you implement SEO strategies properly. This is the only smarter, faster and cost-effective way to make it happen. And it always starts with a right SEO tools, here we have listed some best and free SEO tolls these may help you.

Check out our Free and Best SEO Tools here:

Here we have listed some free best SEO toolbox or tools to make your start-ups and businesses flourish. These tools are completely free if are a beginner in SEO these tools are the goldmine for your Start-Up. Let’s take a look:

1. Seo Quake:

SeoQuake is one of the best browser plug-in SEO Toolbox which available for free for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this will give you the most important SEO metrics for a particular website or web page. It has many other useful feature take look at it.

SeoQuake the best SEO Toolbox

SeoQuake is the best SEO analyzer & SEO Toolbox. It has many features like Keyword difficulty, Page SEO Audit, Determines Keyword density, provides a full report of internal and external links. SeoQuake may useful in competitor analysis too. And it’s very easy to install.

Seo Quake Features:

  • Review all major metrics in a heartbeat.
  • Get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results to a file.
  • Keyword difficulty estimation.
  • Set parameters for a search query.
  • Perform complete SEO audit, including a check for mobile compatibility.
  • Use a wide range of default parameters or create a custom set.
  • Get internal and external links report.
  • Determine a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list.
  • Compare URLs and domains.
  • Check social statistics for Facebook and Google+.

Seo Quake SEO Tools:

SeoQuake provides Google Indexing report, Google Links, Google Cache date, Yahoo Index status, SEMrush links, SEMrush backlinks by domain, SEMrush backlinks by hostname, Bing Index status, Alexa Rankings, Webarchive age and domain age, Facebook likes count, Google + shares count, SEMrush Rankings, SEMrush SE Traffic report, SEMrush SE Traffic price details, SEMrush Video advertising, Baidu index status, Baidu links, Compete Rankings.

This is a free browser-based website analysis tool also helps in competitor analysis. It will give free SEO analysis reports for a specific webpage or website. SeoQuake ranked top in best SEO Tools list and most downloading browser extension in SEO category. It has downloaded more than three million times in Chrome Store. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact SeoQuake Team.

Download the SeoQuake for Chrome and Firefox: SeoQuake toolbox for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for free:

Price: Free
SeoQuake SEO extension
SeoQuake SEO extension

2. Small SEO Tools:

smallseotools for free

Small SEO Tools is the one place for all SEO online tools. It has many free SEO analysis tools like Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter, Spell Checker, Image to Text Converter, Reverse Image Search, Image Compression, Keyword Density Checker, Keyword suggestion tools, Backlink Checker, Google page rank checker, SEO score checker, Page speed checker, Adsense calculator and much more.

3. SEO Book:


SEO Book has 5+ free Search Engine Optimization tools. And, offers a wide range of SEO tools to SEO professionals. It has free SEO tools like browser extensions, Keyword suggestion tools, Robots.txt tools, Keyword wrapper, Keyword research tool and Link Suggestion tools.

4. Free Moz SEO Tools:

SEO Moz free tools

Moz is the popular SEO Tools which available present, it has paid and free versions but the free version has many limitations. Try the MOZ best SEO tools for free, this will help you in link building, competitor analysis, keyword research, web page performance, local listings and much more for free.

  • Moz Keyword Explorer: This will explore your site keywords and suggest best keywords to the website. It will give most accurate search keyword database to discover and prioritize the best keywords.
  • Moz Open Site Explorer (OSE): Moz OSE is the best open site explorer which available for free. It will provide link building opportunities, track your site’s link profile over time and compare to competitors for intelligent, targeted link building.
  • Moz bar: Moz bar is browser-based SEO analysis tool. It will analyze important search, social and page metrics of any site you visit right in your Chrome browser.

5. Linkio:

Linkio, SEO tools

Linkio is a link building management platform that helps SEO teams use data to plan their strategy and provides workflow management for monthly activities. Users can enter the brands they manage the system, import previous backlinks and Linkio provides a roadmap of what the next set of anchor text should be.

This roadmap can then be split up into monthly orders for the delivery team to work on. It provides an intuitive way for subject matter experts to plan out months worth of SEO and it allows project managers and junior members of a team an easy way to know exactly what needs to be done in the current period.

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