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Google Tango: You Must Know About This.


It’s hard to explain about Google Tango. Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is the first Superphone having this feature and Asus Zenfone AR is the Second one.

Google Tango Technology

Download Google Tango Apps to Your Phone Visit this Link, You can download Tango Measure, Tango Simulator, Tango Wayfair View, Tango Domino World, Tango WorldTango Dinosaurs Among Us, And Tango Lowe’s if you want to download all Google Tango use this Link: All Tango Apps.

By using Google Tango You can measure objects, Take dinosaur selfies, and live out your Ghostbuster imaginations. And Google Tango is an indoor mapping technology. Perhaps most impressively, you can build a chain of dominos across your entire home. Only you can see dominos, and knock them all down without having any mess to clean up later. How can a Smartphone be indoor Google Maps and a window to another world at the same time?

“Two cameras see the world in 3D” = When you take a picture with a normal camera, it’s flat. You don’t know how far away objects actually are. With two cameras, and/or a time-of-flight sensor like the one inside this Phab2 Pro, the camera sees depth as well. It knows how far away your walls, floors, and furniture are.

“Map your room and know where you are” = Tango can create digital 3D maps of your surroundings, and memorize them. Then, based on the memorized landmarks it’s seen, it can figure out where your phone is (and even its orientation) compared to those landmarks.

Watch Brief explanation About Google Tango:

“See virtual objects on top of the real world” = Once your phone knows precisely where your furniture is, where your phone is and which direction it’s facing, it can act like a window into a virtual world. You can place virtual dominos on top of your real-world table, as if they only existed in an alternate reality you can see through the window of your phone. It’s like Microsoft’s HoloLens, but on a phone.

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