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Get High-Quality Backlinks to Increase Domain Authority


Backlinks have the high prominence in the search engine ranking factors. As an SEO, I always try to get the high-quality backlinks from high domain authority websites, and I eagerly wait for my content get ranked well in Google search results.

Well, the backlinks are the key factors to increase domain authority and page authority. High-quality backlinks from relevant sources will make your site more likely to rank better in search results.How to Get High-Quality Backlinks, Increase Domain Authority,You might be heard that proverb “SEO is not a sprint, it is a marathon”. But, if you invest all your efforts in the right way, your website will more likely to get on the first page of Google search results. You just need to know exactly some white hat SEO practices and tips to get high-quality backlinks from high domain authority websites and how many backlinks it will take to get success in search engine ranking.

As we mentioned in our previous article, all backlinks do not have the same value. Some of them have the positive effect on SEO and some of them have the negative effect. Links work for SEO because they serve as third-party influencers of trustworthiness. A link pointing to your website impacts on its nature, location, and relevance.

How to get High Authority Backlinks?

Here are the White Hat SEO Tips to Get High-Quality Backlinks From High DA Websites:

Trustworthiness of Source:

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks, Increase Domain Authority,This is the major factor to consider while getting a backlink is domain authority, to less extent page authority. A link from a high DA source that pointing to your website will have the positive effect on your website, this will make your site seem more trustworthy than the source. A source with higher domain authority will get the high DA for your site. Always try to get High-quality backlinks from high DA websites then your websites current domain authority. Use tools like MOZ’s Open Site Explorer to check the source website domain authority.

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Number of Sources:

The fact is that all the links from the same source have not the same value. It means, even the source is a high domain authority website if you have multiple links from the same Domain the link value will be decreased. In terms, this is to say it is better to have a single Link from each of the multiple domains, then have multiple links from a single domain. Therefore, the number of sources and number of unique backlinks that currently linked to your site will play the major role in increasing domain authority and improve search ranking.

Targeting Only One Page:

The backlinks will pass domain authority from source websites to your entire domain and also to the all individual page that linked to the source website. Some of the SEO’s made common mistake is targeting one specific page and get all the links pointing to that one specific page only. For this, the specific page may get rank instantly in search engine rankings. But, sometimes Google find this as spammy activity and there might be chances to get penalized by Google search algorithms. It is better to go for the diversity, and this might be a good SEO strategy.

Anchor Text Association:

This may be least considered but still, there is something to talk about anchor text keyword association. It to be said, SEO relies on relevancy. The variables like off-site content, anchor text, off-site publisher and the nature of the source you are linking to can significantly influence how relevant, reliable is your site and search engine rankings.


You should also be aware that a High-quality backlink will not immediately effective on your site and instantly boost its Domain Authority. It will take its time to Google crawl and evaluate those links, it takes some weeks or more before you see the results.

How to Get Domain Authority?

The Other Factors to Consider for Getting High-Quality Backlinks and Increase Domain Authority:

On-site factors:

High-quality backlinks are useful and powerful to a website, but they are not the only factor to influence on your domain and page authority. On-site factors such as website structure, depth and quality of your content, and other on-page factors, will also affect your domain authority. This will drastically speed up or slow down the process depending on how efficiently you are working on it.

Present Domain Authority and Positions:How to Get High-Quality Backlinks, Increase Domain Authority,

If you just started an SEO campaign, there is more likely able to see quick results. Because your DA will be low and any inbound link can make minimal influence to improve your domain authority.

In another case, your website has already well established on the web with a respectable domain authority. It will require much more efforts to move further up the ladder. This means the competition will even tough while you are competing with giant competitors when you are ranking on the first page of Google search results.

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Internal links:

A single inbound link can generate more new reference points to your site. A link that pointed a specific page on your website can influence on its internal links. If that internal link is relevant and that everything had done well, it will amplify the power of the inbound link.


It is also considered that how much competition you are facing, and what the keywords you are trying to rank for? If you are going for a high-traffic keyword to rank on top position in Google search results, it requires Hundreds or Thousands of High-quality backlinks to get the top position. On other hands, a long-tail keyword with low-traffic could be easily snatched up.

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However, it is impossible to calculate the number of links it takes to see the results. Instead, trying to increase of inbound links, it is better to give time and put your efforts in building unique backlinks from relevant high domain authority websites. The more time and effort you put in, the faster you’ll see the results, but in the world of SEO “fast” is often at least several weeks.

Note:-  Always remember "SEO is not a sprint, it's a marathon."

Do not focus on to increase backlink quantity, focus on acquiring High-quality backlinks from relevant, reliable and high DA websites. The results will manifest over time with continued effort.

Thanks for reading this gives you an idea on how to generate quality backlinks. Let us know your opinions in the comment section. Please do Like and Follow us on social media for more latest updates.

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