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IDVector for Online Privacy Protection and Best VPN Service!

IDVector is for Secure and Anonymous networking and Internet security and privacy protection.


These days protecting our-selves online from hackers is everyone’s concern.  We all of us search the internet for online privacy protection and the best VPN service at least once. IDVector is a pocket-sized portable online privacy system is all set to keep you safe online. And also, you can create your own custom private VPN service.
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The Internet is a wonderful place, where we can have all the world at our fingertips. But everything has a cost: Unfortunately, it was our privacy. online privacy protection is our major concern these days. Best-case scenarios – when e-commerce companies using our information more effectively to sell us things; and worst-case scenarios – is when repressive governments using the internet to target those who disagree with them. In-between, criminal hackers compromise yet-another database, sending our personal information out into the ether to be exploited over and over again.

IDVector Online Privacy Protection:

This new hardware device called IDVector Privacy Defender is USB dongle developed by IDVector. This is a Secure and Anonymous networking, Internet security and privacy protection platform. This tiny USB plug-n-play Privacy Defender is a single board computer card with a WiFi microprocessor, seamlessly works with all computer platform like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, ChromeOS – and with any web browser or application.

IDVector Secure VPN Service:

IDVector Privacy Defender easy to use and powerful internet privacy platform. It guards your data, privacy and your computer against being snooped and exploited by hiding your physical location. IDVector Privacy Defender provides end to end encryption to your information, using the global network of transient cloud VPN servers, which are created and destroyed frequently.

It also allows you to create your own custom private VPN paths over worldwide servers, as easily as selecting from a list. The IDVector worldwide server also lets you choose from where you want to show-up yourself on the internet. Means, you can select your virtual location you wish to appear online, and protect your data while getting there. This small pocket-sized hardware device IDVector’s Privacy Defender takes the form of a USB dongle that has been aimed to provide a secure and easy to use private VPN service via any nearby WiFi networks.

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