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Pro Tips to Improve Battery Life?

An advanced guide on How to improve battery life [Battery Life Extender Guide].

Almost All digital devices such as Smartphones, MP3 players, or even the highest-end digital audio players run on lithium batteries. If you want best performance and quality you need a fully charged battery. Here we listed 4 tips on how to improve battery life?

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Best ways to improve battery life [Battery Life Extender Tips]:

Improving battery life is essential for heavy usage such as talking, texting, playing games, watching movies and listening music. These activities make your device battery dry and forced you to charge every 2 hours. Check out 4 best tips to improve battery life. And use your device as long as possible without worrying about battery life.

1. How lithium-ion battery works?

Lithium-ion batteries are great batteries in modern days. These are rechargeable. When is the battery connected to the charger? The lithium ions move in the opposite direction as before. As they move from the cathode to the anode, the battery is restored for another use.

How lithium-ion battery works

Most using batteries in digital devices are lithium-ion batteries. These are handy, portable, and tinier. And the issue is lithium-ion battery quickly run out of power.  Each battery is composed of several cells (units) that produce power. And, each cell produces 3-4 volts.

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2. Use a powerful charger to recharge a battery.

Most important thing is the power output of your charger. Use powerful charger to charge battery quickly. A less power charger can charge your battery but your charge will not be completed quickly. The charger must have at least 5 Volts and 2.4Amps output power.

There are many devices such as Music players and Smartphones has to limit of charging current to 1A, making for a power input of 5 watts. So there is no damage risk to your equipment if you using a powerful charger. Powerful charger makes your battery fully charged quickly.

3. Let discharge fully to recharge it to 100%.

To improve battery life and improve its long-term performance, you should always use it until it gets 0% (completely empty). There are many people who charge batteries after a little usage this not good for battery life. It is better to completely discharge a battery.

And 2nd thing does not pull the plug off when the battery is not fully recharged. Always wait until charged for 100% ready. Few minutes recharge is the worst thing and makes damage or, at least, shorten your battery life.

4. Find out how the battery is draining.

Background running Apps and processes can quickly drain your device battery. This will happen without your knowledge. Go into device setting and select the battery menu. It will show you the complete report of battery usage. Battery usage report gives you a general idea that how your device battery is draining.

These simple and easy tips can improve battery life. These tips will help you conserve your battery life as long as possible. To improve battery life there are battery life extender and power saver apps available for Smartphones.

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