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Kalamsat: World’s smallest satellite developed by Rifath Sharook.

Rifath Sharook an Indian student developed world's smallest satellite Kalamsat for NASA.


An Indian student Rifath Sharook developed world’s smallest satellite called Kalamsat. Kalamsat will be launched by NASA on June 21, said had a great interest in Space Science — making India extremely proud.

Rifath Sharook, Kalamsatwhile India was reaching new heights in the field of Space Science, a 12th standard boy, Rifath Sharook (18) has taken place in the long list of contributors. This Indian student form Pallapatti town, Tamil Nadu, has developed a world’s smallest satellite named as Kalamsat as a part in the competition ‘Cubes in Space’ jointly conducted by ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’ and ‘I Doodle Learning’.

Kalamsat, named after a famous nuclear scientist and former president of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Scientists claimed that it is the world’s smallest satellite and weighs only 64 grams, is ready to be launch by NASA on June 21st this year. Rifath Sharook is the first Indian student to have his experiment launched by NASA.

About the miniature satellite Kalamsat:

Speaking about his experiment, Sharook said “it will be a suborbital flight and after launching the miniature satellite, first it will be operating in microgravity zone for 12 minutes.

Worlds Smallest Satellite, NASA, Kalamsat Satellite, ISRO,

Total mission span will be 240 minutes. The main aim of the experiment is to demonstrate the performance 3D printed carbon fibre.” While talking to Times of India. “Kalamsat has built-in new kind of onboard computer and eight homegrown built-in sensors to measure acceleration, rotation and the magnetosphere of the earth. The major challenge was to design an experiment to be fit in a tiny cube, which is to be thrown to space.” He added.

He said he had a great interest in space Science, thus took a subscription to NASA kid’s club. His experiment is sponsored by an organization called ‘Space Kidz India’. The ‘Kalamsat’ is a tribute to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

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