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Kaspersky Mobile Security Review [Mobile Anti Virus]

Kaspersky Lab is known for security and antivirus software and mobile applications, it was released its 1st Windows antivirus product in 1997 and entered into mobile space in 2011 by releasing Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android phones with the name of Kaspersky Antivirus & Security. Here is the Kaspersky Mobile Security Review.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Review

Kaspersky Mobile security app became popular among all other mobile security apps. The Kaspersky mobile app has excellent malware protection like Kaspersky’s desktop software. Kaspersky Mobile Security app is very light and less impact on the system. But, Kaspersky Mobile Security lacks some extra features while comparing to other competing apps.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Pros and Cons:

1.       Excellent malware protection.1.       Confusing, dated user interface.
2.       Comprehensive anti-theft features.2.       Lacks useful features of other antivirus apps.
3.       Solid web protection.3.       Odd implementation of privacy features.
4.       Android Wear smartwatch support.
5.       Minimal performance impact.

Kaspersky Mobile Security has free version and premium, we recommend the free version. Premium product does not justify its $15 yearly subscription price. Kaspersky free mobile app includes the antivirus scanning, anti-theft functionality and the call and text filter. But, it does not have privacy, web and real-time protections, these two features are essential to Android security.

Kaspersky Mobile App offers free password manager, in this user can store up to 15 passwords or other sensitive items for free and sync them across Android, Mac or Windows devices. For string more passwords, you have to get premium version by purchasing the Kaspersky Mobile Security app, it costs around $15 per year.

Kaspersky Mobile Security features and tools:

Kaspersky malware protection for mobiles

Anti-Theft Protection:

Kaspersky Mobile Security has anti-theft feature. Also, this can be accessed from web portal at Kaspersky Center. This Anti-Theft feature allows you to lock and locate your device, trigger an alarm, take a photo from the device, wipe all data or wipe only your personal data such as contacts, calls and text messages.

Kaspersky Mobile Security tools

SMS commands can trigger an alarm, lock and locate the device, perform a full wipe or hide personal information. Other Android security apps recognize SMS commands from only registered mobile numbers, but Kaspersky accepts SMS commands from any mobile number.

Privacy Protection:

The Kaspersky Mobile Security app has privacy-protection feature, this will allow you to hide your communications, app-locking and hiding.

Call & Text Filter:

Kaspersky mobile app allows Call and Text filtering, in this feature you can block specific number or contacts on your device. The feature works well (I personally tested).

 Anti-Phishing Protection:

Kaspersky Mobile Security has text Anti-Phishing future, simply this is a Web Protection, this will block known malicious websites. Also, applied to your text messages.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Features

Android Wear:

Bitdefender Mobile Security is the only other app which has Android Wear smartwatch support. Kaspersky Mobile Security has the similar functionality, with the ability to use the watch to run a scan, initiate a malware-database update.

System impact:

Kaspersky Android App has light and smooth, this will placed Kaspersky Mobile Security app in the top position among the other Android antivirus apps.

Setup and support:

The Kaspersky mobile app installation process went very smooth on wifi and downloaded very quickly on Lenovo Z2 Plus. You can buy the subscription from Google Playstore.


Kaspersky Mobile Security app has a clean interface and easy to understand the options and features. It has Material Design. Kaspersky Mobile Internet Security for smartphones has some key features such as malware, web and anti-theft protection. Coming to its performance, the app is running smoothly.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is the best for security and virus protection. Will I recommend the Kaspersky free version in the beginning later you can decide to go for premium or not?

Thanks for reading our Kaspersky Mobile Security Review. Also, read our previous article on Xafecopy trojan malware. Keep sharing, follow us on Facebook for more updates. Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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