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4 Years Kid Saved His Mom Life

4 Years Kid Saved His Mom Life By Unlocking Her iPhone With Her Fingerprint

Kid Saved His Mom Life: smart thinking in emergency situation is not something you expect when 4-year-old Kid, but Roman’s story is different because he did beyond imagination to save is mother’s life is.

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On March 7, Roman was playing with his 2 brothers at home, mean while their mom collapsed suddenly. When she didn’t regain consciousness, Roman used her thumb’s fingerprint to unlock her iPhone and used the ‘Siri’ app to dial the UK’s emergency number 999.

Kid Saved His Mom Life

After connecting with the emergency dispatcher, Roman told that his mom was ‘dead’. When the dispatcher asked him what that meant, Roman replied, “It means she’s closing her eyes and she’s not breathing too.”

After Roman told t his address to dispatcher, the paramedics and police arrived at the house in 13 minutes. And there was a 1st aid to Roman’s mother who regained consciousness. Then they taken her to hospital.

Iphone SIRI App

This is the one reason to allow your young kids to use gadgets at a small age but it’s a big deal to teach them how to use the devices in case of emergency situations. These guy Roman’s case teaches us all a very important lesson – to teach them their home address and how to contact emergency services.

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