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Mobile Phone Security Tips 2018: Smartphone Can SPY On You

Your smartphone can spy on you, with camera and microphone.


You installed the number of applications on your mobile devices to access hardware. Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viber might do a lot on their own even without you knowing.

In 2017 Felix Krause has reported “some harmful apps will run in the background, and access both front and rear cameras and those applications can take pictures and record videos of you at any time, without your permission or knowledge. And upload them automatically to where the hacker wants them to have.” Here are simple mobile security tips to protect your online privacy. Also, read How to protect your children against online threats?

How your mobile phone can be hacked?

mobile phone hackingHave you ever think that ‘how a hacker can hack (access) your mobile phones?’ If you ask me, there are endless possibilities, a hacker can hack your mobile phone via applications (apps), documents (pdf, doc, xlsx, and etc), multimedia messages and even emojis. In Kali Linux (A Linux security & penetration testing distribution used in ethical hacking) has a tool called Metasploit, it uses an Adobe Reader 9. Hacker can alter PDF file with the program by binding a malicious code into the file and send it to the user. Once the user opens it, the hacker will get total control over target device remotely.

What will happen, if your phone is hacked?

Once your mobile phone has been hacked, the hacker can install harmful malicious code or software that he wants on the victim device. These harmful programs run in the background with your knowledge take complete control of your phone and steal your personal data & passwords stored on victim device. Capture photos and record videos and access all your personal data like call log, messages and important documents stored on victim device can be stolen without your knowledge. And, upload your personal files such as videos, images, and documents can be sent to the hacker. To make the matter worse.

How to secure your smartphone?

Now a day’s smartphone security is very important because smartphones contain important and sensitive data. You can install mobile security applications such as Kaspersky and Avast.

Download the Kaspersky Mobile Security app:
Download the Avast Mobile Security app:
Avast SecureLine VPN
Avast SecureLine VPN
Developer: AVAST Software
Price: Free+

Think before giving permissions to an app, does Twitter app really need permission to access microphone? Does LinkedIn app require access to your camera? You may cover your cameras with a non-transparent tape. Analyze all the apps installed on your device and permissions they have to access your mobile and data? Remove all the unnecessary permission to the apps. Because you do not know what can be done to your device.

How to review permissions for your apps:

On Android:

Go to settings > apps and tap on the suspicious app then tap on the permissions to review all the permissions for that app.

On iOS: all the permissions group by type of permission, such as location, microphone, camera etc.

Open settings > privacy. Tap on any permission entry to see which app have the access. Check permission category one-by-one to limit the apps to access your phone and personal data.

How to UnHack your mobile phone?

You can unhacking your phone by simply doing reset the device, but it’s not the best practice, there is a severe risk being of data loss. Ultimately, you will end up with your important data loss and all the previous favourite setting will vanish. You have to reinstall all the app and user accounts this will take time and consume data.

Surprisingly, there is an app, especially for this situations. The app called UnHack application for your Android device will give you complete control of your mobile phone. This UnHack Android app will help you recover from being hacked and stop your smartphone from being the spy on you.

Download UnHack app for Android below:

Developer: Lucideus
Price: Free

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