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Mobile SEO 2017 For Beginners


Smartphones users are increasing very rapidly. People now access the Internet on their smartphone more than Desktop. So making your website responsive for Mobile phones is very Important SEO practice. Read our Mobile SEO 2017 Checklist before you implement.Mobile SEOGoogle has started serving AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version of web pages on SERP, because of fast loading and easy interface. Almost All Websites and web developers focusing on Mobile optimization. Even the smallest things about a website can affect the traffic and leads. So making a website perfect for the smartphone can be a profitable deal. Because many of the optimization methods need time and less money, but in return, your website will do better on SERP, means more leads and money.

Best Mobile SEO 2017 techniques, Mobile SEO Tools, and Mobile Optimization guide:

1. Use a Mobile Optimized Theme:Mobile Optimized theme

Nothing going to work if your theme is already not responsive on Smartphones. Using a mobile optimised theme is the first step for a Good Mobile SEO.

  • Website Design:

A good design means a professional looking website which absolutely helps in getting the regular reader. While a bad design may be a sign of less professional site.

In a website, while creating some special effects, never use flash for the smartphone. Because flash still not available in many smartphones. Using HTML5 is a good choice.

Sometimes, some website owners choose to pop up advertisement which is frustrating and even more frustrating on a smartphone. Make sure to not to fill the whole screen with ads and newsletter pop-ups.

If you are going to fit that 5-inch screen with a lot of widgets leaving a very small space to scroll then the users will be frustrated with your website. This will affect your Rankings because if someone leaves a website without even reading, then Google decrease the rank of that page.

  • Some of the minor Website design tips:Website design tips

Use High-resolution icons and images which are compressed to a suitable size. Use for compressing Images.

Never use Advertisement which covers the full screen. Our recommended mobile ad size is 300*250 for Mobile Web sites, also recommended the same by Google Adsense.

2. Do not block CSS, JavaScript, or images:

Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS, and image files of a website to know the Know and see the page as an Average user. If your site disallows Googlebot to access one of these then it will harm your Rankings.

3. Google Page Speed Factor:

Page loading time depends on Page Load speed, Page loading time is one of the important factors in Mobile SEO 2017. Google’s PageSpeed insights tool helps you to fix any issue which creating issues with page speed. Many of the Internet users still use a 2G and Slow Internet, so making a website a fast and responsive is recommended by Google.

Google Page Speed analysis

To know your website Page speed Score, Go to PageSpeed Insight tool and enter your Website. The tool will come with all issues and solution. There are many WordPress plugins to fix the issue without any Coding or something costly.

4. Dynamic serving:Dynamic Serving

Dynamic serving is a setup where the server responds with different HTML and CSS on the same URL depending on the user agent requesting the page. This is the one of the major factors in Mobile SEO.

If you want to show a different design on a mobile and a PC then use the concept “Dynamic serving”.

There can be multiple reasons, for example, your desktop website is not suitable for mobile and can cause a bad mobile experience. Sometimes a webmaster doesn’t want to invest money on a website redesign, in that use they use dynamic serving to show different set of HTML and CSS on mobile and desktop

5. Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page):AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, This is developed by Google for Mobile devices. AMP page load very fast on all Mobile devices. AMP shows all important Content but excludes all design work. So AMP pages look very simple. AMP is major Mobile SEO Factor.

In an AMP page, you have to use a limited set of web technologies to create pages. Most JavaScript is forbidden. The absence of JavaScript make the page very light and it loads very fast. When you visit an AMP page from Google search, Google serves pages from its own servers.

There is a good plugin by Automattic that enables AMP for your WordPress website. All the post URLs on your site will have a /amp/ version. So you can go to any post, add /amp/ to the end of the URL and you’ll see the AMP version.

Thanks for reading our Mobile SEO 2017 Techniques. Also, read our Best SEO techniques to dominate SERP [2017]. Keep sharing, let me know your opinion by commenting. Follow us Facebook for more latest updates.

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