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Next Generation DDR5 Offers Double Speed and Performance than DDR4

Next Generation DDR5 RAM (Random Access memory) is an most essential component for a computer to store and retrieve data quickly.

Next Generation DDR5 RAM Offers Double Speed and Performance than DDR4The next-generation of RAM DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5), promises twice the speed of the current-gen DDR4 memory. This has been revealed by JEDEC, the organization responsible for setting the standards of computer memory.

Basically, the DDR5 RAM should offer double the bandwidth and density of DDR4 RAM. It will also be faster and more power efficient due to improved channel efficiency.

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“As planned, DDR5 will provide double the bandwidth and density over DDR4, along with delivering improved channel efficiency. These enhancements, combined with a more user-friendly interface for server and client platforms, will enable high performance and improved power management in a wide variety of applications”, says JEDEC in a statement.

JEDEC said work on the DDR5 standard is “moving forward rapidly”, and a final version of the DDR5 is expected to be by 2018. So, consumers shouldn’t expect to get their hands-on DDR5 RAM until the year 2020.In contrast, DDR4 RAM was finalized in 2012, but didn’t become widely available until 2015.

JEDED is also developing NVDIMM-P (Non-Volatile Dual Inline Memory Module Persistent), which “will be a new high capacity persistent memory module for computing systems.” This standard, too, is expected in 2018.

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