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Simple On-page SEO Technics You Shouldn’t Ignore


SEO Technics, SEO Tips

Most Bloggers and webmaster often fail to understand the importance of on-page optimization like ‘usability of websites and presentation of content’. With some on-page SEO technics, you can easily write and improve your website content, title and meta description tag as well as include easy navigation, internal linking and social media friendliness (social share buttons). Here are the simple on-page SEO technics to reward your online marketing skills.

On-page SEO Technics For Better Results:

1. Keyword Research

On-page SEO Tips, Keyword Research

First, learn to do keyword research and begin targeting longtail keywords to see quicker Google ranking results. Create a pool of keywords which you know are searched, using Google keyword planner tool you will also gain a rough idea as to how many times longtail keywords are searched.

2. On-Page Optimization

This is almost 80% of SEO, meaning, once you create content, then comes the part where you say to yourself, okay, now that I created this great content answering the questions I’ve identified as keywords to target. How can I make search engines better understand that content? And you do that through on-page optimization only.

But, remember that SEO is not a sprint, its a marathon. It is not that easy, it took a lot of time and efforts. Success always depends on how efficiently you are implementing on-page SEO technics.

3. Mobile-friendliness

On-page SEO Tips, Mobile Friendly

You have to at least make sure that your website uses the mobile-friendly theme. Most popular content management systems like WordPress have themes that are modern and mobile-friendly.

Then, you need to make sure that you work on speeding the page load times for providing better user experience for your audience. Learn how to speed up WordPress website if you are using WordPress CMS.

4. Structured data markup language

Although structured data is not part of Google ranking algorithms in 2017, it actually indirectly will help your website to perform better, and also to rank better as well.

For example, using structured data for rich cards, or knowledge graph will aid higher click-through rates, the higher the click-through rate means more potential for sharing your content, which indirectly will help your Google rankings.

So once again, although structured data is not part of the actual Google ranking algorithms, in 2017. Even it is extremely important to use on your site.

5. Using Free Google SEO Tools

Google Search Console Webmaster Tools

There are countless SEO tools on the market, most will just waste your time, however, you should definitely start using Google Webmaster Tools (also known as Google Search Console) as Google has been making great changes for easy diagnosis of your website’s standing in Google. Read our full article on Google Search Console.

Above mentioned on-page SEO technics else, remember that SEO is only one part of the online success equation. You should focus on building an authority and online reputation for your website and business. Because those who fail to become the resource site for their niche will find it harder and harder to rank and also compete in this digital marketing world.

I hope you enjoy the article, let us know your views on this…

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