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Proven Ways to Make Money Online [2018]

4 Best and Proven Ways to Make Money Online. And, these are evergreen techniques.


We have different ways to make money online. In the past years, we have tried most of this online money making methods. And some are seasonal, and some of them are evergreen, being able to constantly get money into wallets at all times. Here we listed the best and proven ways to make money online.

Proven Ways to Make Money Online, Make money online, Internet moneyThe basic thing is you need to generate income on the Internet is traffic, traffic is the key to success. make more targeted readers get on your site or blog, any monetizing attempt can increase your earnings.

In this post, we have published proven article on this blog on how to earn online money. Here are some of these articles I recommend you find time to read:

4 Best and Proven Ways to Make Money Online:

Time to look at some methods to make money online. Take note that while you may want to try out all these methods, it’s recommended to focus on one or two and gain the required expertise before embracing the next method.

1. Make money with Blogging:

Blogging is the best way to make money online. Anyone can start a blog and monetize it to make money.  Blogging requires writing skills and SEO skills. Setting up a blog is very easy with Blogger and WordPress.

Blogging, Blogging Tips, proven ways to make money online.

You start a blog and make money on your blog by adsense, and many other popular ad networks online. Google adsense is the best ad service and placed 2nd. There are many people who are earning millions with their blogs. Blogging is the proven way to make money online.

7 Essential required skills for bloggers:

  1. Content Writing Skills: Content writing is the key skill to get success. Because? Content is the king and Google love content.
  2. CSS and HTML Skills: CSS and HTML skills will to bloggers to create, edit, and modifying codes and scripts.
  3. Networking Skills: Building network is the best way to make your blog popular.
  4. Photo Editing Skills: Every blogger needs photo editing. Blogger must have little knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and any other photo editing tools to make your cover pictures more clickable.
  5. Social Networking Skills: Social skills will build the audience to your blog.

2. Become an online Coach to Make Money Online:

 If you are an expert in your industry? You can Make Money Online. One of the ways to add to your income stream is to set up a coaching program online. Technological growth has made it impressively easy to create membership sites where you can offer your coaching programs and be paid.

Make Money Online

There is a huge dose of contradictory information in every industry out on the web, and many people want experts to help point them to the right path.

Whether you are a Fashion expert, fitness expert, pet expert, finance expert, relationship expert, etc., in today’s information age, you can do well establishing yourself as a go-to person in your industry. One of the problems folks face today is being able to create professional membership sites without hurting their savings.

For most online coaching programs, videos are a most. That’s why you need a video distribution platform that’s cost-effective, having all the features you need for both free and paid coaching programs. You can use online services such as Udemy to launch your online course.

For WordPress, you should look at membership software’s & plugins to launch your course. One of them is MemberPress which is a popular solution for launching your video based membership site. Other tools you will need are professional cameras, video editing software, etc. You may also want to try out some popularly used video software like CamtasiaCamStudio and Screencast-O-Matic. Also, read our guide to earn money from online.

3. Affiliate Marketing for online earning:

Affiliate Marketing is the easy and best way to make money online. it doesn’t require you creating any products or dealing with delivery or customer service.

The product owner does all the hard work (before and after sales), and all you do is drive traffic to it and earn commissions from sales. In most cases, the author goes as far as providing the promotions materials (banners, PPC Keywords, Articles, etc.) for affiliates to simply copy and paste.

Though this seems to be a quick way to make a penny, it’s rather very tricky and requires some skills. Some traditional ways of doing affiliate marketing have lost their momentum. Doing Article Marketing or posting banners on your site (for instance) may not generate required results.

4. Try Direct Advertising:

Remember I mentioned above that you need targeted traffic to be able to make money online. If your blog or websites get some reasonable traffic, one of the ways to monetize and generate income is to sell ad space.

Some of your readers will find it valuable to buy space on your blog if you prove to them that you have the required exposure. for example, create Advertise page where to gives relevant information about his community and exposure. This attracts many of his readers who have products or services to sell to his audience.

Note however that how much you charge depends on a number of factors, including your traffic, user engagement, etc.

Once you have decided to sell out space on your blog, you may want to try out ads platforms like BuySellAds or use plugins like OIO Publisher to personally manage ad space on your blog.

There no shortcut make money online, If you want to make money online? I recommend you consider one or more or these methods to make money online. Once you have the required traffic and implement any of these rightly, you are certainly going to generate more online income.

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