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How to Remove Outdated Content from Google [Bulk URL removal tutorial]

Tutorial on Bulk Remove URLs and outdated content from Google Index Data.

Here I am going to show you how to remove indexed pages or URLs from Google index? This DIY guide will help webmasters and bloggers to remove outdated content from Google index data. Also, you’ll learn how to bulk remove unwanted pages and URL’s from Google Index data? Before doing this I recommend you to read our complete guide on Google Search Console to dominate SERP’s.

Removing Content on Your Site is now very simple. A tiny simple Chrome browser extension clear’s all the way to bulk remove unwanted URL’s using Google Webmaster Tools. Its simpleness and user-friendly interface will be familiar for a newbie too. For reference, you can check below reference screenshot of Google webmasters tools, for any queries please comment below.

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Remove outdated content from Google index Using Bulk URL Removal Tool:

Need to remove bulk URLs or bulk content from the Google index? For a small number of URLs this a simple and easy process. But when it  comes to  remove bulk URLs its hard. If you are working on a big and old website there is a large number of URLs to remove from index data because of outdated content and many other SEO issues. Here I am showing how to remove bulk URLs from Google.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bulk Remove URLs from Google:

Here I am going to show you a pro tip of Google Webmaster Tools. This may help you remove URLs in bulk? You just need to download Chrome extension called Bulk URL Removal from Github. This Bulk URL removal tool is very useful for big websites and webmasters. This Chrome Extension may work without any issues.

How to install Bulk URL removal Chrome extension?

  • Download Google webmaster tools bulk URL removal master file from GitHub and unzip it.
  • Go to chrome://extensions/ and turn on Developer mode.
  • Click on Load unpacked extension . . . and load the extension.
  • Finally, Select the unzipped folder and select ok.
  • After install? A new extension will appear in Google Chrome extension.
  • For reference check the below screenshot.

Bulk URL Removal tool chrome extensionAfter installing bulk URL removal tool you will get the new option in Google Webmaster tools. For reference see the below image.

How to remove bulk URLs from Google index:

After installing the URL bulk removal tool in Google Chrome, login to your webmaster tools and navigate to crawl errors to download the list of Server error, Soft 404, Access dined and Not found (404) URLs in CSV format.

After downloading the file copy all URLs and paste it into a text file and upload the text file to Google webmaster tools remove URLs section. That’s all URLs will be added one by one into webmaster tools to remove from Google index. See the below image for reference.

Bulk URLs Removal tool

How to remove tags and categories directory:

Here is the simple way to remove already indexed tags and categories from Google index data by simply following these steps.

How to remove tags and categories directory from google index.

  • Login to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Navigate to Remove URLs.
  • Enter URLs for Tags and categories, examples are given below.
  • For Tags select Remove Directory option and enter URL such as (Replace your domain name with XYZ). And hit continue.
  • For Category, select Remove Directory option and enter your URL such as (Replace your domain name with XYZ).
  • Check the above image and below image for reference.

Remove Directory in Google webmasters tools

Bing Content Removal Tool:

As you Microsoft Bing is the second largest search engine in the world. Also, bing providing webmaster tools to submit sites to Bing search engine. In this tools, all futures are similar to Google search console. But there is no facility to remove bulk URLs in Bing webmaster tools. You remove URLs one by one with Bing Content Removal Tool.

Bing Content Removal Tool

Bing Content Removal Tool allows you to two type of content removal options:

  1. Remove Page.
  2. Remove outdated cache.

Note: Remove page allows to completely remove a specific webpage from bing index. And, Remove outdated cache allows you to remove specific webpage outdated cache only.

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