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Solar energy: ISRO developed lithium ion battery for solar powered car


Emerging trend of renewable energy (solar energy)

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With the decreasing of the fossil fuels from the earth and their increasing costs has forced countries to look forward to a sustainable renewable energy source. Solar energy (solar power) is the biggest source to fulfill the increasing energy needs in future.

It is renewable and an alternative for petrol and coal, which are highly harmful to the environment. But the solar energy doesn’t emit any kind of harmful carbonic gases, that petrol and coal do. It is completely safe and eco-friendly to produce clean and reliable energy for users.

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As the world is increasingly looking forward to an alternate source of energy to petrol and coal, while ISRO has developed a high capacity lithium-ion battery for solar panels.

ISRO’s high capacity lithium-ion battery

ISRO has developed a high capacity lithium ion battery to use in their space crafts along with solar panels! But the final version is yet to be revealed. ISRO is all set ready to transfer their innovation to the automobile sector, to build the solar powered car.

According to sources, ISRO demonstrated the use of the lithium-ion battery with solar panels on a Maruti Suzuki Omni, and how it can not only cut down the fuel cost but also eco-friendly. This goes green technology is expected to make an impact on the automobile industry worldwide.

How does solar powered car work?

The high capacity lithium ion batteries, along with the solar panels will also control the electronics of the vehicle and will ensure a stable power to provide a smooth ride. The Transport Department had already made a request to ISRO, to share the technology to help in Improving Efficiency in the solar powered car developed in India.

“ISRO is ready to share this technology with Indian automobile industry to make it most technologically advanced in the world. Our prowess In Space technology has been shown time and again and with this new innovation, the ISRO is now set to take the country to a new high!” said by the official.

With the new innovative high capacity lithium-ion battery, ISRO expressed hope to reduce the cost of car making and make it affordable to all classes of people.

The technology was trialed at the Vikram Sarabhai space center ( VSSC) in Thiruvananthapuram.

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