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Here take look at Samsung Gear VR headset

The Samsung announced it’s new Samsung Gear VR headset back in February and it claimed that the device would be going on sale soon along with the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones.

Samsung has released a new video which shows the new Samsung Gear VR in action.

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With a curved design, the Controller offers a natural grip for enhanced one-handed control. Its clickable touchpad and trigger allow users to easily navigate VR apps and virtual worlds with simple motions. Meanwhile, the intuitive layout of home, volume and back keys ensures easy access to the functions, so users can manage them while fully focusing on their activity.

In addition, the Controller offers better motion interaction with minimized arm and head movement for comfortable and prolonged use. And for those especially active moments, the wrist strap provides a secure grip. When finished with a VR session, the Controller may be conveniently holstered on the headset’s strap.

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