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Free SEO Analysis Tools For Complete Website Audit

If you are looking for best free SEO tools that make the website SEO audit much easier. This is for you, here I'm listing my favorite free SEO analysis tools for a complete website audit report that matters. Try now for free...

There are a bunch of free SEO tools and website analysis tools are available online. But, here I’m listing few best free SEO audit tools and best website analysis tools that make SEO (Search Engine Optimisers) work much easier, by providing comprehensive website audit report including technical SEO and user experience (UX) Issues.

Best Free SEO Audit Tools and Website Analysis Tools For Every SEO:

Here’s the list of best free SEO audit tools, that provide complete website audit report. They provide reports regarding all the major SEO aspects of on-page and off-page optimisation like title tags, meta description, heading tags, keyword implementation, internal and external link profile. Also, they provide all the information regarding technical SEO like crawl status, Indexing, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), Page speed insights and structured data markup. Here’s the list of the best website analysis tools and SEO analysis tools which are 100% free to use.

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1. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool:

If you are looking to SEO free analysis tools to analyze all your website technical SEO aspects at once, Screaming Frog is one of the best tools. Not like other SEO tools, It crawls into your website and presents the possible SEO errors and issues with your website.

Screaming Frog's SEO Spider SEO Audit Tool

Screaming Frog is a comprehensive website auditing tool, that acts as a complete solution and reports on over 30 specific on-page and off-page metrics including title tags, meta descriptions, response time, anchor text, security issues, Internal and external link profile.

The free version of the tools offers site SEO audit only up to 500 pages. If your website has more than 500  pages you need to use a paid version of the tool. Read our previous article on advanced technical SEO.

It is also one the  best content analysis tools for every website, to find out pages with thin content and issues related to title tags, heading tags, meta description etc.

Download Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool for free…

2. Seoptimer:

Seoptimer is my another favourite website auditing SEO tool because it not only provides the reports of your website critical SEO errors but also makes recommendations to improve your search engine rankings.

Free Website Analysis Tools Best Free SEO Audit Tools Seoptimer

There is also a browser extension for Google Chrome. You can easily download and start working on your website SEO issues. The best thing is it’s completely free.

Download SEOptimer:

SEO Analysis with Seoptimer
SEO Analysis with Seoptimer

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3. Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools):

Google Search Console offered as a free SEO tool offered directly by Google itself, and it is my favourite SEO analysis tool also essential for every SEO & webmaster.

Free SEO Analysis Tools For Complete Website Audit

It offers a fair amount of insightful information and gives a summary of things that are most important to optimize your website SEO strategy. Such as broken links, page load speed, crawl status, indexed web pages, HTML markups, etc. it will also provide the information of ranking position of your webpage for a specific keyword, Also, a number of impressions, clicks and CTR as well. Google Webmaster Tools can provide you with almost everything to perform a complete SEO audit. Read our complete guide on how to use Google search console to dominate search engine rankings (SERP’s).

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Some of the best features of Google Search Console:-
  1. Full list of links visible to Google
  2. Official determination about whether you are battling a manual penalty or not
  3. On-page issues with your page titles, meta descriptions, or duplicate content
  4. List of server or crawl errors when Google’s spider explores your website
  5. How many pages on your website are indexed by Google
  6. Keyword position and SERP  tracking.

It lacks in providing a complete picture for your website and that is a major drawback. Nonetheless, it is a great website audit tool for an initial analysis. Make sure Google Webmaster Tools is on your list of frequently used SEO Tools to improve your online visibility.

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4. Google Analytics (Best Free Website Traffic Analysis Tools)

Free SEO Site Audit Technical SEO Audit Tools

Google Analytics is one of the best website traffic analysis tools by Google. Because this is the most resourceful and essential tool for every webmaster and blogger. It provides most valuable SEO data which helps you better understand your audience/visitors and how they interact and engaging with your site. There is no other web traffic analysis tool that provides in-depth user acquisition and behaviour data like Google Analytics do that matters most. This makes Google Analytics very special on the list.

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5. Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT)

Webmaster Tools Best SEO Tools Technical SEO

As Bing worlds second popular search engine, setting up Bing Webmaster Tools account for your website is a great way to keep tabs on how your site is working on Bing, which has occupied more than 20% of share in the total Internet’s search traffic. It also offers benefits beyond Bing by providing insights into crawling, indexation, on-page keyword optimization, and other technical SEO elements that can impact your performance on Google too.

While another popular search engine Yahoo get merged with Bing Webmaster Tools so you can simultaneously optimize your site for both Bing and Yahoo.

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6. BuiltWith:

It is my another popular website audit tool. Builtwith is not just one of the Technical SEO analysis tools. This is a website profiler tool. Which can dig into a site and tells you what technology and resources were used to build the specific website?

Free Website Audit SEO Technical Analysis Tools Builtwith

It is a great website analizer tool for performing SEO competitor analysis as well, you can find out which CMS the site was Builtwith, what analytics have been implemented on the site. Also, works as web traffic analyzer, provide information on how the traffic is getting to the site and much more…

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7. GT Metrix

When it comes to website technical SEO analysis? Page loading time (website speed) is the most important element to make a note.

Free SEO Analysis Tools For Complete Website Audit

A single second can lower user experience by 16% and slow loading website can be a nightmare for SEO’s because internet searcher can be left without visiting your website. GT Metrix is one of the best website audit tools. There are several tools to check page load speed but I found GT Metrix more reliable and stable and provides recommendations to improve your page loading speed and user experience.

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8. SEO Quake Toolbar

SEO Quake Toolbar Browser Extention

SEO Quake Toolbar is the great resourceful toolbar for every SEO for free, available as browser extension/plug-in. It is used to display major SEO related metrics and information (KPI’s) on top of every webpage you visit in the browser. You can also view social shares, Traffic, Links and on-page keyword optimization. Also, you’ll find lots of useful tips on what to do with all this data and metrics on their website.

Download SEO Quake Toolbar for Google Chrome and Firefox.

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9. SEO Book

Free SEO Tools Technical Website Audit Tools

SEO Book is one of the most popular free SEO analysis tools among the SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizers), almost every SEO have this tool in their SEO tools list. It is a great option for who are looking for free website content analysis tools online. SEOBook offers a bunch of free online SEO tools that provide comprehensive website audit reports. It offers some paid tools as well.

Also, you will find links to SEO training in the menu bar. If you are interested to learn SEO in a self-directed manner, it not only offers courses on SEO but also PPC advertising and other areas of digital marketing.

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10. FirstSiteGuide Lookup Tool

FirstSiteGuide’s Lookup tool is one of the best free website audit tools that help you discover all important information about any website you need.  It’s very helpful for website SEO competitive analysis as well, keyword and content research, rank tracking and web monitoring – which makes it as a great website content analysis tools, if you want to improve your digital marketing and SEO strategy.

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11. Internet Marketing Ninjas (Free Website SEO Checker Tools)

Internet Marketing Ninjas is the complete solution for technical SEO analysis. It offers a range of free SEO & Internet marketing tools that can be used to compare your site to your competitors, generate meta tags, optimize top pages for keywords and more. These free SEO tools are used for SEO competitive analysis and retrieve valuable information that can be used to increase traffic to your website.

Some of the free online SEO tools Internet Marketing Ninjas offers:-
  • On-page optimization tool
  • Image and link analyzer
  • Broken links & redirects analyzer
  • Site crawl tool

Go check it out and see what you think.

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12. Small SEO Tools (Best Free SEO Analysis Tools)

Best SEO Site Audit Tools For Free

SmallSEOTools is a free online SEO tool, it offers almost everything that an SEO need for work. Small SEO Tools are not perfect when compared to other above-mentioned tools. It has a few of quality SEO analysis tools they help to provide complete website audit report that makes it worth a look.

Some of my favourite features and tools by Small SEO Tools:-
  • Backlink analysis tools: you can export all of your top backlinks for free.
  • Keyword research, keyword position, and SERP tracking tools: If you have enough skills and time? It gives you more wealth of information.
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Domain Authority Checker

I suggest you that do not use Small SEO Tools Article Rewriter. Article spinning can harm your SEO and get penalized by Google Panda Algorithm.

We hope you enjoy the article, SEO analysis tools. Let us know your views on this by commenting below. Please Like and Follow us on social media for more latest updates   –TL


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