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USSD Payment System An Instant Mobile Banking Service


What is USSD Payment System?

USSD payment system is a USSD-based mobile banking service, that enables you to send money instantly through your any mobile phone, It offers services including check bank account balance, mini statement and more without internet connectivity.

How to use USSD Payments Method & USSD based mobile banking service? Here’s everything you should know:

Regional language support in USSD mobile banking

The service aims to make mobile banking easier for rural users, especially for non-English speaking ones. It is available in 11 regional languages and can be accessed in the desired language using the following shortcodes.

Language selection shortcodes for USSD payments:

English *99#
Hindi *99*22#
Marathi *99*28#
Bengali *99*29#
Punjabi *99*30#
Kannada *99*26#
Gujarati *99*27#
Tamil *99*23#
Telugu *99*24#
Malayalam *99*25#
Oriya *99*32#
Assamese *99*31#

How to use USSD Payment System

For enabling the USSD payment & mobile banking services on your mobile, you need to register your mobile number with your respective bank account. Visit your bank branch to register your mobile number with your bank account. If you have already registered your mobile number with your bank account, simply dial *99# and follow these step for USSD banking.

A step-by-step guide to use USSD payment system:

USSD Payment System An Instant Mobile Banking ServiceDial *99# and you will get the list of services menu. (If you are not familiar with English then dial your desired language USSD code, given in the above table).

1. Send money

USSD Payment System An Instant Mobile Banking ServiceSelect this option to send money to anyone you want by selecting 1 on your phone’s keypad or touchscreen. And, it offers some more options for mobile banking methods.

1- Mobile number: Send money > Mobile number

This option is to send money to people you want by using their mobile number. For this, the other person also has to register their mobile number with their bank account.

Just enter the beneficiary’s mobile number, enter the desired amount in the next screen, confirm details and hit send button. You will be asked to enter your UPI PIN to complete the transaction. A success message will be shown after the completion of the transaction.

2- Payment address: Send money > Payment address

‘Payment address’ method also works as the previous option (Mobile number), but this will be using payment address instead beneficiary’s mobile number.

3- Saved beneficiary: Send money > saved beneficiary

This is the third option under the ‘Send money’ menu. To use this option you need to add beneficiaries before. After selecting a saved beneficiary option, select the beneficiary by choosing the serial number from the list. Enter the desired amount in the next screen tap send. Enter UPI PIN on the next screen and complete the transaction.

4- IFSC and Account No.: Send money > IFSC and Account no

By using this option, you send money using beneficiary’s IFSC and account number. And, the further process will be same as previous options.

5- MMID and mobile number: Send money > MMID and Mobile number

This option will be used to send money using beneficiary’s mobile number and MMID.

2. Request Money

This option is used to request money to your friends and family using USSD banking service. Step-by-step process to request money:

  • Dial *99# and select 2 (Request money) on the menu.
  • Enter the mobile number or Virtual Payment Address (VPA) of the person from who you want to request money.
  • Enter the amount to be requested on the next screen and tap send button.
  • Your request will be sent to that person and a success message will be shown.

3. Check balance

Check your bank balance using USSD code by just selecting the 3rd option in the *99# menu. You need to enter you UPA PIN for this option.

4. My Profile

USSD Payment System An Instant Mobile Banking ServiceMy profile option enables you to see and manage your account profile details, including bank account, language, manage beneficiary and UPI ID etc.

1- Change Bank Account: To change your default bank account that linked to your mobile number.

2- Change Language: You can change your default interface language. There are 11 regional languages available.

3- My Details: To see your details such as name, primary payment address etc.

4- Payment address: You can see and manage your default payment addresses using this option.

USSD Payment System An Instant Mobile Banking Service5- Manage beneficiary: You can add/delete and manage your beneficiaries list using this option.

5. Pending Requests

It will show’s your pending requests here, if any.

6. Transactions

It will show’s your previous transactions here.


This option enables you to set/reset and change your UPI PIN. it will help in cases if you have forgotten it.

It offers two option:

  1. Set/Reset UPI PIN: To recover your forgotten UPI PIN.
  2. Change UPI PIN: To change your UPI PIN particulars.

USSD banking daily transaction limit and charges

According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the USSD payment system can be used for sending money as low as Re 1, and as much as Rs 5,000 per transaction. Coming to charges, you will be charged Rs 0.50 per transaction, which will be added to your mobile bill. The service works 24 /7 & 365 days. However, carriers have waived off the transaction charges till December 31.

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