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WhatsApp new Status update will allow users to setup videos and photos.

WhatsApp Status update will allow users to setup videos and photos.Facebook owned WhatsApp added a new feature a week ago, that allows users to set up videos and photos as their statuses on the app. While its quite simple, here is all you need to know about the new feature:

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Set up photos/videos as WhatsApp status:

Open WhatsApp app

Select the Status from Menu

Choose My Status option and tap the circle with ‘+’ sign

Add a story/video and add a caption

The video/photo you uploaded will show for 24 hours.

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Delete your WhatsApp Status:

Find the Status you want to delete from your Status section

Tap on the eye icon that shows how many poeple viewed your Status

Select the trash icon and delete your Status

Apply privacy setting to your Status:

Go to the Status section in the app

Select the menu icon located on the top right corner and choose Status privacy

Set who can see your status.

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